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the day that Hitler went to jail

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    Hitler went to jail on April 1, 1924.

    This is NOT an April Fool’s joke.

    After the Beer Hall Putsch failed to overthrow the German government by force, Hitler was sentenced to 5 years in prison for high treason. While he was in prison, Hitler spent his time dictating his autobiography (Mein Kampf) and working on his oratorical skills.

    Although it has been reported that Trump kept a copy of Mein Kampf by his bed, it’s not exactly true – but it is not far off. Trump’s friend Marty Davis (from Paramount) gave him a copy of “My New Order”, which is a collection of Hitler’s speeches from 1918 through 1939, and he DID keep a copy in a cabinet by his bed.

    See the source image

    We’ve all seen “the 12 signs of fascism” on this site, so I won’t repeat them hear, other than to mention that Trump’s administration fits all of them.

    The history channel contains a few sentences that are eerily similar to the Trump administration, so I’ll simply copy them and highlight the important parts.

    After nine months in prison, political pressure from supporters of the Nazi Party forced his release. During the next few years, Hitler and the other leading Nazis reorganized their party as a fanatical mass movement that was able to gain a majority in the German parliament–the Reichstag–by legal means in 1932. In the same year, President Paul von Hindenburg defeated a presidential bid by Hitler, but in January 1933 he appointed Hitler chancellor, hoping that the powerful Nazi leader could be brought to heel as a member of the president’s cabinet.

    (Note that Hitler lost an election, but still was able to gain power, which is EXACTLY what happened with Martha McSally in Arizona).

    Von Hindenburg’s appointment as chancellor in an attempt to moderate him would be very much akin to Barrack Obama appointing Stephen Miller to his administration in hopes of moderating his anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim views.

    The modern equivalent of the burning of the Reichstag is a “false flag” operation. The movie that exemplified that action was “Wag the Dog”. Although there are probably a few people who fear that Trump MIGHT create his own “false flag” by sending troops to Venezuela (which would piss off the Russians), he has ALREADY created his own “false flag” in order to generate his support at home. In you think that declaring a “national emergency” and sending 5000 troops to the southern border is NOT a “false flag”, I would beg to differ with you.

    If you think that it would be impossible for a “fanatical mass movement” to come to power in this country (as they did in Germany) how would you explain the fact that Trump received 81% of the evangelical Christian vote, and Trump STILL has an approval rating of 90% from Republican voters?

    In the early 1920s, the ranks of Hitler’s Nazi Party swelled with resentful Germans who sympathized with the party’s bitter hatred of Germany’s democratic government, leftist politics, and Jews.

    In today’s America, members of Trump’s cult call Democrats “libtards”, and they absolutely HATE AOC because she has uncovered some ugly truths that no one else had the courage to question. Due to the fact that she has already received death threats, she has been assigned more security protection than a typical freshman legislator. At the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottsville, the right wing folks carried Nazi flags, and chanted “the Jews will not replace us”.

    See the source image

    Anti-Semitism has risen dramatically since Trump took office. The most glaring examples of this are the shooting at the synagogue in Philadelphia last October, and the defacing of numerous Jewish cemeteries. Trump has simply ramped up the hate a little more by adding Muslims to the mix, and the most recent crime that was inspired by his words was the shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand.

    The police under Nazi Hermann Goering suppressed much of the party’s opposition before the election, and the Nazis won a bare majority.

    Even before Trump, the Republican Party has been on a mission to suppress votes by passing voter ID laws, restricting voting hours, preventing ex-cons from voting, making it more difficult for Native Americans living on reservations to vote, preventing college students living on campus in another state to vote, and actually STEALING absentee ballots to change the outcome of an election, which actually happened recently in North Carolina.

    Trump LOST the popular vote, but managed to squeak into office due to a “bare majority” of the votes in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

    If you don’t think that history repeats itself, explain this picture to me:

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    An excellent piece!

    Yes Arizona, it is even worse than that; in the 1930's you did not have TV or the Internet, let alone all the "indoctrination" material of today.

    On top of that an arsenal of weapons in the world which can kill the whole planet.

    Also right now the "loyalty" driven party of Trump even managed to undo the Mueller report; which indeed means an Hitler like "reign" is the next step.

    It does not look good at all for the future; it may end up as an total dictatorship.