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Peter Buttigieg impact on religion in the election

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    According to Wikepedia, Mayor Pete is actually a devout Episcopalian, not a a Catholic, but that's just a minor issue.

    If you skim through the article above, or the press release released by the city of South Bend, I would have to say that I am definitely impressed.

    For those people who do not think that America is ready for a gay president, consider the fact that Lori Lightfoot, an openly lesbian African-American, just became the next mayor of the city of Chicago. If you take a "quick tour around the world", you will discover that there are a LOT of gay people who are in charge of their various offices in their government, including 5 who are (or were) in charge of an entire country:

    I find the reference to Ireland especially interesting, since it is still a predominately Catholic country. Last year, abortion was legalized

    Irish abortion law received worldwide attention on the death of Savita Halappanavar in 2012, who had been denied an abortion while suffering a septic miscarriage. This increased calls to repeal the Eighth Amendment. The constitutional and legislative provisions were discussed at a Citizens' Assembly in 2016–17, and at an Oireachtas committee in 2017, both of which recommended substantial reform and framed the debate of the referendum in May 2018.

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    lonely bird Wrote:
    Schmidt Wrote: Dutch -- I agree that religion should be taken out of politics, but the fact is, religion is a big part of the Republican Party. The party is essentially a theocracy and nothing you say can change that. However, Democrats can pick away at that by offering up a "kinder and gentler" brand of Christianity, not as a part of the Democratic Platform, but rather day-to-day recognition of the importance of faith to so many Americans. It could sure beat the brand of bigotry being promoted by the Christian evangelicals as part of the power base of the Republican Party.
    If you want an example or religion gone wrong, consider the case of Brunei, which just imposed some very strict laws
    in order to lead to a stronger Islam. The new law mostly applies to Muslims, though some aspects will also apply to non-Muslims. It stipulates the death penalty for a number of offences, including rape, adultery, sodomy, robbery and insulting or defaming the Prophet Muhammad.
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    TJ Wrote: Politicians and religion. Should be oil and water. Does not mix. This was handled well by Hollywood. Washington DC could take a lesson.

    What should be and what is are two very different things.

    The fact of the matter is 83% of Americans (and a solid majority of the entire human population) believe in a higher power. Nonbelievers chastising any politician or individual who dares to admit they believe in a higher power only drives otherwise "getable" potential swing voters who may not like the modern day Republican Party solidly into their camp because they would never make fun of them for believing in a higher power.

    I've been an nonbeliever for the better part of twenty years, but that hasn't stopped me from voting for candidates who have a different belief structure than my own. That's because the politicians I vote for don't use their religion as a wedge issue. It's a private matter between them and their God. That, and my voting options would be extremely limited if I insisted on only voting for nonbelievers.

    If Democrats insist on having a purity test when it comes to a candidate believing in a higher power or not then we might as well just not even nominate a candidate in 2020 because America simply isn't ready for a openly nonbeliever President. Lament it all you want, but that's the cold hard truth.

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    Apparently Mayor Pete is now joining AOC as the Republican Party's latest bogeyman.

    In today's GOPUSA, they took pains to remind everyone that he was gay, and they also were shocked (!) that we would question Trump's belief in God:

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    In Wisconsin, the highly favored liberal candidate, Lisa Neubauer, for the Wisconsin Supreme Court just lost a close election to a conservative, Brian Hagedorn. As Charles Sykes reports, the conservative "base woke up". Social conservatives rallied around him, as Hagedorn played the God card. “Some of the arguments made against me are a blatant attempt not just against me but against people of faith more generally,"

    “The backlash was overwhelming,” said one Republican activist. “The left made this about bigotry, but Christians saw this as an attack on their faith.”

    The conservative win by playing the God card is nothing new. Nothing gets out the Christian base more than the perception, rightly or wrongly, that liberals are attacking their Christian faith yet again. You want to lose an election...just piss off a conservative Christian and it becomes a crusade for them.

    Just saying...

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    Schmidt, yes that is the problem. Indoctrinated people stay indoctrinated and refuse to hear the "truth"; yes the world is only 8000 years old; they believe this. Also they believe Adam and Eve planted fruit trees and their sons "raped" their mother, otherwise the species would have ended right there. But yeah lets "walk" on water, see if it works. Neither do or did "god's" in outer space write things; they have not invented "pen's" on Mars yet. Writing is an total "earthly" thing, invented here. As proven over time "people" can write anything they like, how about Mein Kampf which Trump loves, because an Catholic wrote it

    No the stupidity is, that it is not an attack on their "faith" but an anomaly in their "brains" about "reality" and "science". Because of that "anomaly" they should not "rule" because "governing" should only be done with people who believe in "reality" and "science" as well "common sense". If not, then you get the mess we are in right now.

    Therefore, like I've said so many times: Keep religion out of "elections" as well "governing"; we've got enough "la la land" things already (ask Barr) and then also to "add" Alice in Wonderland churches to the "list" of crazy things here, then this makes it an "circus" country. Sorry the GOP plays the "god" card all the time: Trump was sent by "god" for sure; I only don't know which "god", but likely the "money god" What a country!

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    Looking at Buttigieg he reminds me of Mr. Bean; he looks exactly like him, but is Very Happynot so funny!