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Mueller elected Trump.

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    TJ Wrote:

    James Comey may have elected Trump as well. Seems like he's in a bad place. This was an interesting article.

    Barr has threaten to investigate Comey, although Barr has never used his name. What is clear is that Trump wants Barr to find a legal basis to charge Comey with federal crimes.

    One weapon that Barr is likely to use, is to appoint a special independent council to investigate the whole Mueller investigation and how it started. To find evidence that Donald Trump was "Spied" upon by the US government. AKA, prove that there is a deep state massive conspiracy against Donald Trump.

    Defination: The Deep State is any person, organization, or government agency that is not 100% on Trump's team. One limpest test is a person not willing to break the law to protect Donald Trump, is someone that is part of the Deep State.