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Joe Biden

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    It's amazing how the press will make hay out of every slip of the tongue. A candidate has to be very careful what they say. Joe would be better off sticking to hand written notes.
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    No Joe for me; he's way too an "believer" who can't think rational without "church" craziness. Obama asked him to do things; he did not. He's an "slow" poke bureaucrat. Not what we need. Amen
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    Biden now placed an add which I find pathetic. It shows the car "crash" of his family and his kids and the son he lost due to cancer. Sure I can understand his grief. However running for President means you have to put that aside and don't use that as a "means" to get elected. It never should be that "family' issues are "qualification" items. It should be; if you are qualified to run an country with all kinds of people and problems, as well do such "day and night" regardless of your past or your family. Just to elect someone because of "pity" is absolutely wrong. "Qualifications" should apply to be able to do the job properly. No Biden, by doing this means you are not "qualified"

    Crazy country for sure; where are the brains?

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    Biden just released a video that should be devastating for Trump:

    "Uncle Joe" is right on the money on this one, since the world IS laughing at Donald Trump.

    So, just for fun, let's explore another pair to whip Trump's butt in 2020:

    B&B (no, that's not brandy and benedictine)

    If Biden gets the nod, he could pair up with Amy Klobuchar or Elizabeth Warren, but how does this sound?

    Biden and Buttigieg

    This combination would pair a seasoned East coast legislator with humble roots with a young and idealistic Midwestern newcomer with military service.

    Biden and Bernie, of course, would also be a B&B, but would be a complete disaster, since Joe is 77, Bernie is 78, and Nancy Pelosi (next in line) is already 79.

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    A V.P. pick doesn't necessarily need to be a candidate. Age shouldn't matter either since Trump is over 70 but acts like a 5 year old who just had his favorite toy taken away from him.

    A Biden-Obama ticket would be fine with me.

    Sanders isn't a democrat.

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    A Biden -- Stacy Abrams pair would energize the ticket. I also don't understand why Cory Booker cannot get more traction. I suppose the largest chunk of the black vote is in Biden's corner.
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    Biden was provoked at a meeting when a voter questioned him about Hunter Biden.

    Breitbart: Biden Calls Voter ‘a Damn Liar,’ ‘Fat’ After a Question About Hunter Biden

    The encounter shows that Biden can be prodded on the Hunter Biden issue. Biden needs to deal with it calmly and clearly. So far he has shown to be less than presidential in answering the questions that are continually hounding him.

    The Trump false claim on "the corrupt Bidens" repeated again and again is having its intended effect on Biden's nerves.

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    Hunter Biden's connection to Burisma has been known since 2014, but it wasn't until Biden announced his presidential run that it became a problem. On Sunday morning, Dan Bash really stuck it to Mark Meadows about the GOP hypocrisy.

    When Burisma announced Biden’s appointment to its board in the spring of 2014, every media outlet under the sun covered the news, from The Post to Politico to the AP to the BBC and so on. The White House even explicitly denied that it constituted a conflict of interest. Vice President Biden’s visit to Ukraine the following month sparked a second round of stories on the ethics of his son’s position, including on Fox News. Nor did the story fade; the New York Times ran a follow-up on the Bidens and Ukraine in December 2015.

    And you know what you won’t find when you read that old coverage? Republican leaders calling for investigations

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    It wasn't important until Joe announced his run for office.
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    Since 1945 there have been 13 VPs, excluding the current incumbent Mike Pence. Ten of these subsequently ran for president, eight secured their party’s nomination, and five won the White House in their own right.

    One factor in a vice president’s favor is certainly sheer name recognition.

    A second factor is their access to the party establishment and to a campaign apparatus that has already been a proven winner.

    Finally, being a VP is, perhaps unsurprisingly, an exceptionally good preparation for the top job.

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    Again this shows how pathetic the system is. VP means nothing ask Pence, what are his accomplishments? The same with Biden. VP does not mean that you can handle the job; you mostly get the crumbs which fall of the table and have to clean those up. It does not mean you qualify for "leadership". In the case of Biden and Pence neither are suited for the job.

    Just "name" recognition shows how dumb and lazy the people here are that they don't check if the guy is suited for the job but just look at some old pictures of the guy.

    Again "educate" the people here especially in the "swing" States and "red" Stated.

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    The "No Malarkey" Iowa bus tour is a sad testimony to where we are. 95% of everyone in America are certain they have not and will not discuss malarkey which is best left in 1965 when it was last commonly used. Not knowing that is why far too many will simply shake their head and not vote. Lesser of two evils comes to mind but that's a vile phrase. WTF is Malarkey and why doesn't Joe Biden employ someone who could set him straight as he is about to make errors.

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    I would've preferred that they would have named the tour bus "no bullshit", but, that would offend a lot of Trump supporters.
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    The word malarkey apparently has Irish origins, and dates back to the 1920's. Biden's most memorable use of the word was during the 2012 campaign.

    Their are an amazing number synonyms for the word:

    However, this is the one I prefer:

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    Joe recently said there's no reason for further debates, I agree.

    Last night after I retired to the bedroom to watch an old movie, I received 6 text messages from the Sanders campaign, I wished someone would tell him he's toast.