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kissing cousins

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    That scene on TV showing Netanyahu kissing Trump was to say the least surprising when one considers the fact that Trump has been notorious for promoting his hate filled speeches against everyone except his rabid white supremacist fascist fans which has resulted in attacks on synagogues and the slaughter of those inside those synagogues in America.

    So why was Natanyahu kissing Trump ? because Trump was giving Netanyahu the Golan Heights which was odd since neither Trump or Netanyahu owns the Golan Heights since the Golan Heights belongs to Syria and one must also remember that Trump also gave Jerusalem to Netanyahu for his capital.

    Netanyahu was in town for the AIPAC convention where Pelosi and Schumer were busy trolling for AIPAC'S blood soaked bribe money which has been used for generations to receive from the American tax payer free of charge 3 billion each year in weaponry from that US Oligarchy which is used to bomb their neighbors into oblivion, steal their lands and enclose them in a concentration hell hole and then use these weapons for target practice at anyone who objects to their on going ceaseless war crimes.

    If America had a conscious it would be deporting every member of AIPAC to Israel where they would be perfectly happy to support their favorite war criminals up front and personal since America has more then her fair share of War Criminals to deal with, unfortunately, America's approach to dealing with War Criminals is to promote them to higher office instead of bringing them to trail and hanging them.

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    Yes, Israel should be treated as any other country in the world, but we don't. There is the mistake. Israel has been busy since 1947 in "land grabbing" which has nothing to do with "religion". If any other country like Russia does so, we scream, but not if it is Israel. An huge mistake was made by the US to relocate the "holocaust" survivors on an piece of land which belonged to the Palestinians. Instead they should have sent all these Jews back to the countries where they came from. That would have solved a lot of the Middle East problem since 1947. So again "religion " creates all of these human tragedy's. Thanks to you "evangelical" Trump voters.