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Rep Ilhan Omar

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    Benjamin Wallace-Wells, New Yorker, March 27, 2019: Ilhan Omar's embattled first months in office

    Many of us have no doubt seen the clips of Rep Omar in her role as a new House representative. Some of it is portrayed negatively, in so far as her outspoken views on Israel are concerned. The New Yorker article provides a more human story of her life. I like the woman.

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    Schmidt, what she said about Israel is correct; sorry it has nothing to do with "religion" it is the "behavior" of Israel in that region what causes unrest in the middle east. Of course the GOP and their "evangelicals" will protect that country because of "religion", due to the fact that they refuse to accept that Palestinians also have rights. Furthermore the US is the guilty one who helped to "steal" that land from the Palestinians in 1947 and still are helping them to "steal" the Golan Heights right now.
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    Dutch -- I agree. We've both written about this many times over the years. Anyone who criticizes Israel's apartheid polices against the Palestinians are branded as anti-Semitic. Even Jimmy Carter caught the wrath of the "Israel Firsters" when he published his book, "Palestine, Peace not Apartheid" in 2007. Just reading the Amazon customer reviews, you'll find many five and four star reviews complimentary of Carter's quest for peace in the Middle East. Then there are a bunch of one star reviews written by the Israel Firsters.

    Rep. Ilhan Omar is right to call out Israel for their apartheid policies against the Palestinians. I doubt that Donald Trump knows shit about the history of Occupied Palestine or Israel. His only motive is to split Jewish Americans away from the Democratic Party to get a few more votes.

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    She carries herself well and I love her committee questions, but off committee she can be tangent.
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    Very early in her career in Congress, Ms. Omar received a credible death threat from a right winger in New York - who was promptly arrested - and Trump's rhetoric has lead to further threats.

    If you look at a map, you'll notice that Somalia borders Kenya (where she spent 4 years as a refugee) and it is just west of Yemen, where Saudi Arabia and the U.A.E have been funding a civil war for 5 years. As a result, she knows a lot more about the war in Yeman than Trump does, and that's the main reason that Congress recently voted to halt arms sales to the Saudis.

    This is what she had to say about Yemen:

    "How can we make a decision to sell weapons to Saudi Arabia, knowing that they have been part of causing one of the most atrocious humanitarian crises in Yemen, when we know that they have a hand in what's happening right now in Sudan, what's happening in Libya, and the list can go on and on and on," she says.

    "Our alliedship with Saudi Arabia and the Emirates is immoral. I believe that it is one of the most absurd alliedships; it doesn't fit with any of our values. When we think about what is in the interest of our national security, entrusting them to help us with that is like trusting a thief to watch over your shop. We know that they can't be trusted in that process."

    One of today's headlines in today's Washington Posts is this:

    "Trump asserts that no one should criticize the U.S. as he resumes his attacks on four legislators".

    For the record, there are at least 12 countries in the world where people can be punished for criticizing their leader - and one of them is the Netherlands!

    For more than 40 years, Trump has believed that he should NEVER be criticized. When he was a private citizen, he would wring apologies out of his critics, or even get them fired from their jobs. As a politician, he has lost his ability to intimidate the media with legal threats, which is why he latched onto the "fake media" charges as soon as he became a candidate.

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    Sorry Arizona; you can criticize the leaders in the Netherlands and they do that every day. Rutte is an total ass and people say that aloud as well the news papers. As well our family and friends up there. If so, then all the news paper people would be in jail by now.

    Thus another piece of "fake news" I guess.