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How it should be.

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    Here is an clip of how "royalty" is acting in the Netherlands; quite a difference with "king" Trump here. King Alexander and Princess Beatrix (the previous Queen) in between normal people without body guards.


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    An English version would be nice, but I believe I get the point you're trying to make. For one, there are way too many nuts in America to allow lawmakers, let alone a president or a candidate, be they D or R to freely greet potential voters or possible constituents because there's always someone who want's to cause harm, Gabby Giffords is one of those politicians who was shot in the head for having an open get together and trying to be friends with possible voters. It's people like Sarah Palin and some others who were candidates and politicians who helped fan the flames of hatred in our democracy to kill off opposing points of view. This is wrong, and the people who do it know that it's wrong but have no remorse or ethics when they don't categorically condemn these actions.

    Trump said of the white supremacists in Charlottesville there are bad people on both sides, no, these are bad people who don't condemn these kinds of acts and don't condemn actions by hate groups.