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The Atlantic: The Unlearned Lesson of My Lai

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    Chet Ruminski Wrote:

    And the unlearned lesson??? Don't instill a growing up generation with hate and fear about an evil force going to enslave and murder the world and then send those kids to battle the evil force of the world. Remember "Better dead than red". That is how I grew up and I volunteered for the assault craft duty because all I wanted to do was go to Viet Nam and kill communist on the rivers. My Unit never went to the Pacific Ocean. Probably a good thing because if I had gone and killed and then learned of the lies that got me there that would have been bad. I served 68-71.

    I graduated from college in 1968 and shortly thereafter was asked to report for my pre-induction physical. A knee skiing injury from 1967 got me permanently deferred. And yes I remember well, the "Better dead than red" slogan and the anti-communist feelings of that era. It was pervasive in our society at the time driven by war propaganda and war profiteers --part fear mongering, part patriotism -- but a seemingly callous disregard for the loss of human lives, both American and Vietnamese. If the soldiers' brains were "programmed" to kill, on the home front our brains' were programmed to be the world's policeman...making the world safe for democracy. Remember President Kennedy's quote from his inspirational speech:

    "Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty." -- John F. Kennedy

    That sense of machoism defined the American psyche and strong sense of patriotism at the time. Maybe the term now is "American exceptionalism", a term to make us Americans feel good about our many wars so the military industrial complex won't have their profit motives questioned.

    Democratic Hub: Why We Go To War

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    Sorry, the US is the biggest warmonger country on earth. Since WWII they've invaded more countries than anyone else.

    Certainly not to "help" those countries, but mostly to get the attention of the "wrong things" in this country itself, due to giving Presidents way too much power; so if they were in an "pinch" why not start a war to diverse the attention. All of this is an uncontrolled "power play" if an country deviates from taking care of its own people and wants to rule the world instead.

    Part of it is "greed" ; the war industry as well the army are huge "employers" who make certain people rich, but don't produce anything for the good of the country itself; the only result is billions of dollars of rusting carcasses in the desert or left behind in the countries we invaded.

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    Dutch -- You just summarized many of the points in my article above, Why We Go to War.
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    Lesson? What lesson? The country has learned nothing. We still think we are superior to every other country on earth and superior to every non-American on earth. Perhaps a good question to ask would be how many in the military then and now as well as the civilian population actually know about various massacres and actually give a shit about the people killed.