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Beto O'Rourke declares candidacy for president

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    that guy in AZ Wrote:


    Beto raised over $6 million over a 24 hour period. To me, that is fairly remarkable.

    I'm surprised, that "money" determines here again that you are electable. Nuts, I rather elect someone with "brains" then someone who can raise "money" . Sorry Beto is inexperienced for this job just like Trump, let alone knows what's outside this "island"; so forget this swinging cowboy.
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    Schmidt Wrote:

    Beto O'Rourke has finally done what everyone expected. He has put his name in the ring for the Democratic Party nomination.

    MSN: Beto O'Rourke announces 2020 Democratic presidential bid

    We have already discussed O'Rourke in other threads, but I expect him to rise in the polls now that he has formally declared. Trump is already mocking his hand gestures while speaking so that must be a good sign.

    I have some reservations, but he's better than Bernie.

    It's been a while since Beto O'Rourke announced his candidacy for the presidency. Ultimately, of course, he lost out to Joe Biden, who (in spite of his age) was still the best candidate for the job since he has the most experience navigating through the treacherous waters of Congress.

    His run for the presidency came after he lost to Ted Cruz in 2018 for a senate seat.

    However, I think that he actually has a good chance of becoming the next governor of Texas, and here's why:

    1) Greg Abbott did a poor job of handling "the Big Chill" in January - and a lot of people have not forgotten that.

    2) Not everyone in Texas is a gun not, which Beto O'Rourke will remind people of due to the recent very loose gun law passed in the legislature.

    3) A majority of the people in Texas support freedom of choice. Even though their recent law will likely get tossed out, a LOT or women are going to remember who signed the bill.

    4) I'm of the opinion that Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott are the most extreme governors in the country, even though Doug Ducey (who chairs the Republican Conference) will give them a run for their money.

    5) Even though Gregg Abbott is extreme, he is not extreme enough for some of the folks in the GOP.

    Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed the nation’s most radical abortion ban, a far-reaching voter suppression law, and legislation that allows Texans to carry handguns without a permit or training. He responded to a surge in COVID-19 delta variant cases by blocking local vaccine and mask mandates, and he mobilized state police and national guard troops to “seal” the border with Mexico. But none of that is enough for some Trump-loving Republicans. Former Trump campaign lawyer Jenna Ellis recently declared on her radio show that Abbott is “not a real Republican” while endorsing Abbott challenger Don Huffines in the state’s Republican primary.

    Ellis endorsed Huffines in a video released last Thursday and interviewed the far-right candidate on the Sept. 15 edition of the “Jenna Ellis Show,” where she declared Abbott to be a “Republican in name only” while describing Huffines as a “true, actual Republican.” Ellis also attended a Sept. 15 brunch event hosted by Huffines’ wife.

    Despite being turned out of office by voters in 2018, Huffines, a wealthy Dallas-area developer and former state senator, announced his candidacy for governor in May. Huffines’ campaign website is a parade of far-right rhetoric on “election integrity,” “critical race theory,” “social media censorship,” and more. In a section labeled “Texas Values,” Huffines declares:

    We will stop bowing down to the federal courts. This is Texas. We don’t care what John Roberts thinks. He and other sellouts on the Supreme Court have proven that they cannot be trusted to protect our liberty or state sovereignty.

    Huffines spoke at the American Conservative Union’s July 2021 Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas, where he made similar claims and said that “almost all” Republicans who call themselves conservatives are “liars.”

    In 2017, Huffines was part of an array of right-wing funders who backed a last-minute campaign by religious-right activists to save the Senate candidacy of former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore.

    Besides Huffines, former Texas GOP chair Alan West has also announced his candidacy.

    In the GOP primary, voters will have to decide which one of the crazy candidates is "the least objectionable". However, there are enough Independent voters in Texas who are going to say "none of the above" and will switch their votes to O'Rourke. Due to the voter suppression bills the legislature recently passed, it will not be an easy battle, but Beto O'Rourke knows how to organize people, and he definitely is the best choice to lead Texas.

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    When Beto ran against Ted Cruz for the Senate seat in 2018, he only lost by 2.5 points, a good showing in a "red" state.

    He just announced that he is running for governor. Although it's possible that he can defeat Greg Abbott, it will be a challenge for him to get elected governor.

    Here are some reasons that he could succeed:

    1) When he ran for the Senate seat, he raised $80 million, $25 million more than Abbott has in his "war chest".

    2) Abbott's approval rating has slipped, due to his mishandling of the winter storm, and because of his mishandling of the coronavirus epidemic

    3) In the last decade, the majority of the state's new 30 million residents are black or Hispanic

    4) Abbott may have some challengers on the right, primarily Alan West and Matthew McConaughey, which could cost Abbott some votes

    Here are the reasons he may not:

    1) No Democrat has been elected governor since 1990

    2) Texas just completed redistricting, which will make it more difficult for Democrats to prevail

    3) Texas loves its guns, and his comments from 2018 may still haunt him, even though he has (correctly) slammed Abbott for his recent loosening of state gun laws.

    4) If the 2022 elections allow Republicans to gain seats in the House of the Senate, it may hurt prospects for Democrat governors, and the recent race in Virginia shows how it can be done.

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    I consider TX to be one of the worst States related to something "normal". Beto is an nice guy, but being "nice" does not cut it. It is the State with lots of "weirdo's" and total "idiots" like Cruz and Abbott. Also Tesla moved there with "tax" benefits. Musk fits right in. I lived and worked for a while in San Antonio for a while but was not impressed at all. Sorry to say that this State still lives in la la land and just like this whole country, with one leg in 1800 and the other in outer space.

    If "guns" run this country, then "brains" don't. Amen