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    It’s clear at this point that there are no depths to the depravity of Tucker Carlson, the FOX News opinion anchor who routinely promotes naked white supremacist rhetoric and incites violence against various public figures, but he still keeps finding new ways to disgust and appall the rest of us.

    His latest target is CNN’s outspoken anchor Don Lemon, who hasn’t been afraid to directly call out racism on the right-wing and in American society in general — which of course makes him persona non grata among those who think there’s nothing wrong with the enormous social and racial disparities in America today.

    Carlson accuses Lemon of “running from diversity in his free time” and pulls the classic right-wing “privilege” card on successful Black Americans by pointing out that Lemon owns an expensive house, which somehow means Lemon is immune from racism, discrimination, and all that he has endured on the long road to becoming a CNN anchor and earning to money to buy said house — which Carlson would know nothing about, being the heir to the Hungry Man fortune and having spent his entire life with a silver cocaine spoon in his hand.

    But even worse than the ridiculous attempt to wash away Lemon’s lived experiences and a peculiar examination of a “Mammy” cookie jar that appears in Lemon’s home — which Carlson accused of being a “QAnon Cookie Jar” — was the fact that Carlson named the town in which Lemon lives and posted pictures of his house on national television.

    Based on that information, it would not be too hard for one of Tucker’s psychotic fans to put two and two together and figure out where Lemon lives, putting his home and life in danger. Like most prominent Black figures who discuss race on a regular basis, Lemon undoubtedly already spends his days being inundated with death threats and hate mail from racist Republicans incited by FOX hosts — and now his personal sanctuary has a huge target painted on it.

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    Like just about everything here things are getting out of hand, due to the unlimited freedom of speech of the media.

    It is time that this country put "limits" in their laws about how far can you go.

    Sorry it is still the "old" wild west with unlimited "guns" and unlimited "speech". This Carlson guy belongs in jail as well his "news" station, which is an pure propaganda machine for the Trump fanatics.

    In any other country they would have curtailed that so called "news" station, but not here. No wonder that this country is un-governable.

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    Tucker Carlson is only the latest — and most famous — American conservative to find inspiration in the autocratic government of Hungary under Viktor Orban. The Fox News personality is hosting his show, one of the most popular on cable news, from the capital in Budapest and on Saturday will deliver a speech, advertised as “The World According to Tucker Carlson,” to a conference of far-right activists.

    To critics, Orban’s Hungary is corrupt, repressive and authoritarian, a place where democracy is little more than window-dressing and the state exists to plunder the public on behalf of a tiny ruling elite. To Carlson, it’s a model for the United States, a showcase for anti-immigrant policies and reactionary cultural politics.

    At this point, students of American political history — and specifically students with a working knowledge of the history of the conservative movement — will recognize something familiar about this story. Here we have prominent conservative writers and intellectuals using their platforms to support or endorse regimes whose politics and policies align with their preoccupations, even as the values of those regimes stand in direct opposition to the ideals of American democracy.

    We’ve seen this before. Many times, in fact.

    In 1957, William F. Buckley Jr. published a “Letter from Spain” in the pages of his magazine, National Review. An admirer of the Spanish dictator Francisco Franco, Buckley did not hesitate to praise him in the most effusive terms he could muster:

    Five years later, in 1962, Buckley traveled to Mozambique — then under Portuguese colonial rule — where he wrote favorably of the status quo and condemned the United Nations for its anti-colonialism.

    And in 1963, Buckley had these sympathetic words for the apartheid government in South Africa:

    They may be wrong, as we may be: but we should try at least to understand what it is they are trying to do, and deny ourselves that unearned smugness that the bigot shows. I cannot say, “I approve of Apartheid” — its ways are alien to my temperament. But I know now it is a sincere people’s effort to fashion the land of peace they want so badly.

    Buckley was not the only writer at National Review to defend and express admiration for Western-aligned autocracies. In 1975, Robert Moss wrote an extended defense of Augusto Pinochet and the military coup in Chile for the magazine called “The Tribulation of Chile.” Moss downplayed the brutality of Pinochet’s newly minted military dictatorship and urged Americans to support his so-called reforms:

    It makes sense that as this tendency develops, so too does the yearning for a country that can be hailed as a model and a lodestar — the soaring and gilded counterpoint to our fallen and decadent society.

    But that too is projection. And sooner or later, the conservatives who hail Hungary under Orban as an attractive alternative to the United States will see that their vision of that country is as false as their image of this one is.

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    Arizona, like I've said so many times that this country will remain "ungovernable' as long as idiots like that, who have no clue what happens in Eastern Europe and its history. Yes it has a lot to do with the total ignorance here related to other countries and its history.

    That is why I call this country "an uncivilized arrogant island" . It is the old British system and no limits on anything, which is the cause. Any idiot can get into the government and spew their nonsense. World "education" is something they don't learn here, because they think that they know it all already. Yes this is la la land for sure.

    Biden stays sound asleep; since he's too busy with the "virus" and does not even see what the stock market is doing with the vaccine stocks; the "short sellers" are winning every day and can do what they like. Again no proper regulations on the stock market as well. Sorry it does not matter who's President as long as the "system" stays this way then there is also no "progress" for all the people here, as long as the crooked "rich" determine the destiny of this country.

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    To add to the other articles on Tucker Carson, Anne Applebaum has an excellent article on Tucker Carlson's visit to Hungary this week.

    Anne Applebaum, The Atlantic, August 6, 2021: Tucker Carlson’s Self-Loathing International Tourism

    Applebaum writes:

    "Tucker Carlson is spending a week in Budapest in order to annoy Americans and everybody else who believes in the ideals of America: the rule of law, a free press, free elections, the conviction that democracy is preferable to autocracy. Showing how much he despises the United States, its Constitution, and its heritage, the Fox News host is celebrating the achievements of a petty Central European autocrat, Viktor Orbán...

    "In Hungary, the ruling party doesn’t merely influence the press. It owns the bulk of the press, and not metaphorically. This is not some subtle form of influence: A few years ago, owners, even pro-government owners, were forced to “donate” their media properties to a holding company controlled directly by people close to Orbán...

    "Carlson, whose father was the head of the agency that ran Voice of America during the Cold War, surely knows all of this. He understands he is following directly in the footsteps of the old communist fellow travelers, the men and women who made regular pilgrimages to the old Soviet Union, Mao’s China, or what used to be East Germany. I suspect that he, unlike some of the other right-wing fellow travelers, has not actually fallen for the Orbán con. But Carlson’s cynicism about America is so profound, and his nihilism is so overpowering, that he doesn’t care. If he can make people angry, he achieves his most important goal."

    And with that last line, deliberately being provocative and "making people angry", he gets higher ratings that translate into dollars for Fox News and Carlson. It's what Trump is so good at as well. Follow the money.

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    Appearing on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday, US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg fired back at Fox News personality Tucker Carlson, after the right-wing host attacked him for going on paternity leave to care for his adopted two children.

    “As you might imagine, we’re bottle-feeding and doing it at all hours of the day and night,” Buttigieg said when asked to respond to remarks by Carlson on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

    “And I’m not going to apologize to Tucker Carlson or anyone else for taking care of my premature newborn, infant twins,” Buttigieg said to host Jake Tapper. “The work that we are doing is joyful, fulfilling, wonderful work. It’s important work and it’s work that every American ought to be able to do when they welcome a new child into their family. I campaigned on that.”

    Carlson last week mocked Buttigieg for going on paternity leave after adopting two children with his husband Chasten Buttigieg, quipping that he was “trying to figure out how to breastfeed.”

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    Typical, as long as there are no "stringent" limits on what the "media" can "spew" each day and limits on everything else in this country then you get the "chaos" we are in. Trump still can claim on the news that he won forever, but no one sets it straight because certain media is allowed to "repeat" this lie over and over again as an"indoctrination" tool. The stupidity in this country is unbelievable. No other country has an"unlimited" free press, like here , because they know that "unlimited" publication leads to "facism" or other "undermining" of the official laws/authority.
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    Many of the current problems our country is facing can be blamed on Ronald Reagan.

    For starters, he convinced many people that the government was the problem, not the solution.

    In 1958 73 percent of Americans trusted the federal government to do right all or most of the time. Since then it's plunged to the 15-20 percent range.

    According to the most recent Gallup poll, the current popularity rating of Congress is 27%. However, the DISAPPROVAL rating is 69%. When Obama started his second term, the approval rating was 13%, and the disapproval rating was 81%. Shortly after 9/11, congressional approval rating hit its peak at 84%, and the disapproval rating was only 10%.

    Reagan also started the decline in union membership (which peaked at over 30% when my dad was a mail carrier.)

    He created a giant leap in our national debt by introducing "voodoo economics"

    Finally, his administration eliminated the FCC Fairness Doctrine, which got Rush Limbaugh on his career, and greatly increased party polarization in the United States. However, the "equal time" rule still applies.

    Further complicating everything is there is too much money being thrown around. As Schmidt always said, "follow the money".

    We just learned that the major funding partner for OANN is AT&T. THAT is very dangerous.

    Ninety percent of OAN’s revenue came from a contract with AT&T-owned television platforms, including satellite broadcaster DirecTV, according to 2020 sworn testimony by an OAN accountant.