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    It appears that Tucker Carlson may not survive at FOX much longer.

    Many of his troubles stem from the fact that he spent a lot of time on a radio show called "Bubba the Love Sponge" a while back, but he also has a long history of being homophobic, xenophobic, racist, and misogynistic. If you are a FOX commentator, those attitudes are a plus as long as you don't lose advertisers, and lately he had lost a lot.

    In 2010, he launched an online site called "The Daily Caller'. I still receive it occasionally, and it is a treasure trove of wacky ideas.

    Here is a sample of the offerings from the Daily Caller:

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    I heard some of those racist and pedophilia comments that have come to haunt him. Much like Trump, these the wacko commentators start to feel they are untouchable, and their gift of gab can make even sick and offensive ideas seem normal as if all underage girls love to have sex with guys 20+ years older. They probably do plant doubts in the minds of their audience causing them to wonder "Yeah, maybe virgin girls are to blame for chasing older married men, and forcing those upstanding men to have sex. Makes perfect sense the way he explains it"

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    I predicted more than a year ago that Tucker Carlson would not last much longer on FOX due to the fact that he was losing advertisers like crazy. That prediction, of course, was based on the naive assumption that FOX viewers were capable of rational thought.

    Carlson is STILL losing advertisers - but it really does not matter.

    In recent weeks, Tucker Carlson, the conservative Fox News host, has challenged the Black Lives Matter movement, dismissed demonstrators as “criminal mobs,” accused a Texas police chief of “sounding more like a therapist than a cop” and mocked a CNN children’s special about racism that featured Elmo, the “Sesame Street” puppet.

    His comments have generated a harsh backlash. Critics have called Mr. Carlson’s on-air monologues incendiary and accused him of making racist remarks. Major advertisers, including the Walt Disney Company and Sandals, the vacation resorts, have fled, requesting that Fox News remove their ads from Mr. Carlson’s 8 p.m. hour.

    Viewers, however, are tuning in.

    “Tucker Carlson Tonight” was seen by 4.2 million people on Monday, making it the most-watched television program in the country that night, ahead of entertainment fare on the major networks. His show was the highest rated on Fox News last week, and he has pulled ahead of Sean Hannity, the network’s usual ratings leader, in total viewers for June.

    Fox News has said brands removed from “Tucker Carlson Tonight” typically have their ads run on other programs, and the network retains the revenue. Fox News also earns a significant portion of its income from subscription fees paid by cable providers, rather than spending by individual advertisers.

    The reason that I though of the little turd this morning is the Washington Post reported that he had said that Tammy Duckworth (a Purple Heart recipient and a potential Biden running mate) "hates America".

    His outrageous comment won't hurt his standing with members of the Trump cult, as evidenced by the fact that Trump himself said that "he liked heroes who weren't captured" early in his campaign - a dig at John McCain - and it didn't cost him a lot of votes.

    Wikipedia has a LONG article about his guy. Buried in the article are a few interesting tidbits:

    1) Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson (born May 16, 1969) is an American paleoconservative journalist, author, and political commentator, who has hosted the nightly political talk show Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News since 2016.

    (Paleoconservatism is a political philosophy and variety of conservatism in the United States stressing Christian ethics, paternalism, regionalism, nationalism, isolationism (or noninterventionism), and traditionalist conservatism. Paleoconservatism's concerns overlap with those of the Old Right that opposed the New Deal in the 1930s and 1940s as well as with paleolibertarianism and right-wing populism)

    2) In 2010, Carlson co-founded and served as the initial editor-in-chief of the conservative news and opinion website The Daily Caller. The newsletters' co-founder was Dick Cheney aide Neil Patel

    3) In 1979, Carlson's father married divorcée Patricia Caroline Swanson, an heiress to Swanson Enterprises. Swanson is the daughter of Gilbert Carl Swanson and the niece of Senator J. William Fulbright. This was the third marriage for Swanson, who legally adopted Carlson and his brother

    4) After college, Carlson tried to join the Central Intelligence Agency, but his application was denied, after which he decided to pursue a career in journalism with the encouragement of his father.

    5) In October 2004, comedian Jon Stewart, host of The Daily Show on Comedy Central, appeared on Crossfire, ostensibly to promote his book America (The Book), but instead launching into a critique of Crossfire, saying that the show was harmful to political discourse in the United States. Carlson, who represented the right-wing side on that episode, was singled out by Stewart for criticism, with Carlson in turn criticizing Stewart for being biased toward the left. Carlson later recalled that Stewart had stayed at CNN for hours after the show to discuss the issues he had raised on the air. "It was heartfelt," Carlson said, "[Stewart] needed to do this."In 2017, The New York Times referred to Stewart's "on-air dressing-down" of Carlson as an "ignominious career [moment]" for Carlson.] In the view of the NYT, Stewart's criticism led to the cancellation of the show.

    In January 2005, CNN announced that they were ending their relationship with Carlson and would soon cancel Crossfire.] CNN chief Jonathan Klein told Carlson on January 4, 2005, that the network had decided not to renew his contract. Carlson has said that he had already resigned from CNN and Crossfire long before Stewart was booked as a guest, telling host Patricia Duff:

    I resigned from Crossfire in April [2004], many months before Jon Stewart came on our show, because I didn't like the partisanship, and I thought in some ways it was kind of a pointless conversation…each side coming out, you know, 'Here's my argument', and no one listening to anyone else. [CNN] was a frustrating place to work.

    6) Carlson is generally described as a conservative or paleoconservative. Writing for New York magazine's Intelligencer, Park MacDougald called Carlson a "Middle American radical," which he described as someone who holds populist economic beliefs; hostility to corporatocracy; fervent positions on nationalism, race, and immigration; and a preference for a strong U.S. president. MacDougald identified this form of radicalism as the ideological core of "Trumpism.

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    Does it really matter? The Trump reign attracts all the weirdo's which this country can cough up; so what do you expect? I just wonder if we ever get an "broom" big enough to get rid of all these total idiots. If Biden becomes President and all these "nut heads" stay in place he will not last his first term for sure and ends up dead or in the nut house. I hope Rupert Murdough will die shortly, he's the piece of filth behind FOX News and others.

    Let alone if Trump wins again; then we will get an even bigger circus and even more radicals and suppression as well supreme "white power" , So I hope the coming "books" have an effect. There will also be an book coming out about Melania and will disclose her role as "call girl".

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    Since Carlson's show is nearly as popular as Sean Hannity's , you'd think that he would be one of the highest paid commentators on television. The truth is, he's not.

    The top dog in the pay scale is Trump's buddy, Sean Hannity, who makes $40 million a year. Carlson is #12 on the list, right below Rachel Maddow.

    The person with the highest net worth, though, is Anderson Cooper, who was worth $100 million BEFORE he inherited $1.5 billion from his mother's estate.

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    Thus in other words; everything in this country gets "polluted" by "money" and the "rich". Congratulations America, keep going this way. All the manipulations by the "rich" including the elections, will be the eventually downfall of this country. This can't last; not everything in life has an "price" ask the "virus'. Amen
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    Arizona -- Thanks for sharing the research on Tucker Carlson. Sometimes it's hard to distinguish the media personality from the real personality. In Tucker's case, he found out that he could be more outrageous and get improved ratings. Where did he learn this? From Donald Trump. The more outrageous you are the more the media will cover you and the more people tune in out of curiosity as well as "speaking my language". It says something about the American public (the Fox News portion) that Tucker would rise above Sean Hannity by just being more outrageous.

    It's an indictment on the Fox News viewers that Tucker Carson would rise to Number 1. Sad.

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    All of this shows again that the only thing what counts in this country is "money"; brains are optional. If you see what an Zuckerburg or Musk or Bezos hoard for money in the billions, then it seems to be an game who can steal the most. Our Hitler in the W.H. wants to do the same, All of this means that this country totally is loosing its "normal" democratic way.

    On top of it these "nut heads" get rewarded for their total craziness. How long can such last?

    In an normal "democracy" then you need an "balance" in just about everything; that is long gone by now, due to selecting total "incompetent greedy butt crawling uneducated bully's" into the government. Biden may be better, but does not have the insight or stamina (he always was an follower but not "leader") to correct the enormous "garbage dump" created by the Trump "cult". So even if he wins he's got thousands of things to correct and may be overwhelming for him to fix. If he does not start at "a" which is correcting the laws and "system" here, then the disaster continues and becomes just "band aids". So I fear that this country's spiral downwards will continue. Amen

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    Finally, there was news about one of Trump’s favorite Fox News Channel shows, “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” Today, Carlson’s chief writer, Blake Neff, had to step down when it came out that for years he had been posting vile racist, homophobic, and sexist language on an online forum of like-minded fellow-travelers.

    It appears there was at least some overlap between what Neff posted on the forum and what appeared on Carlson’s show.

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    The Fox News star Tucker Carlson said on Monday evening that he would leave on a vacation, starting immediately, days after a writer on his program, Blake Neff, resigned over racist, sexist and misogynist messages that Mr. Neff published pseudonymously on an online message board.

    On Monday, Mr. Carlson did not appear fazed by the various controversies surrounding “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” He began with a segment criticizing Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, and then interviewed Mark T. McCloskey, the lawyer who, along with his wife, brandished a handgun and a semiautomatic rifle at peaceful Black protesters in St. Louis last month.

    The impact of the outside criticism seemed more pronounced during the commercial breaks. Many large sponsors have removed their ads from Mr. Carlson’s program in recent weeks, and his most prolific advertiser on Monday was MyPillow, the pro-Trump bedding company.

    At the end of the broadcast, Mr. Carlson told viewers that he planned to “spend the next four days trout fishing.”

    Last week, before Mr. Neff’s online posts were revealed, Mr. Carlson was already facing criticism after he questioned the patriotism of Senator Tammy Duckworth of Illinois, a Democrat who lost her legs fighting in Iraq. He called the senator a “moron” after Ms. Duckworth said she was open to arguments for removing statues of George Washington because he owned slaves.

    The timing of his vacation, of course, is a "little fishy". Sadly, though, his outrageous comments (on a variety of topics) will not hurt his viewership, which is nearly identical to the viewership of Sean Hannity.

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    Yes, his short break just gives viewers a chance to forget. They have short attention spans. I read where the advertisers that left Tucker's show just moved over to other Fox News shows. There are lots of them that compete with Tucker for "outrageous". Remember Jeanine Pirro calling for the jailing of individuals who cooperated with Mueller in his investigation of Russian meddling. Her list of outrageous edicts is even longer than Carlson's.
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    I just wonder, if Biden wins, what will Fox News do? How can anyone limit their "freedoms" of expression, without an revolt?

    If they continue this way then Biden may end up in the nut house because of it.


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    When Tucker Carlson was recently sued for defamation, the defense his lawyers used was that "no one would seriously take anything that he said as fact" (I'm not making this up).

    He made news the other day by saying that the jury in the Chauvin case were "intimidated" by the months of racial justice protests that followed Floyd’s death. “Everyone understood perfectly well the consequences of an acquittal in this case. After nearly a year of burning and looting and murder by BLM, that was never in doubt.”

    As a result, it should not surprise you that Tucker Carlson has been a jerk for most of his life.

    May be an image of 2 people and text that says 'V/FoX NEWS channel Tucker S.M. Carlson Carison, Tucker S.M.. 3051 Washingto D.C. 20007, History hristian Fellowship Helms Foundation, Dan White Society. MAJOR BREAKING NEWS: The Washington Post just got a copy of Tucker Carlson's college yearbook. In it, he listed himself as a member of the

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    This only shows that since the "cowboy" times nothing has changed in this country because the media seems to be able to do whatever they want. I call this the wild west sickness here. I guess "rules" and decency are never applied or the system here does not know what it means. In Europe you have to watch out about what you say or publish. They call that here "freedom of speech, without "limits", sure then you get what we have now; enjoy!!! No wonder that in the "country side" they only have FOX news or other propaganda media and then surely vote for the Trump types. Any other government would design "limits" for the media, in order not to get undermined by lies and "garbage"and that the people get real news and not "fake" engineered news with an purpose. But here they don't seem to care.
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    It’s been more than five months since President Donald Trump’s supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, and those seeking to deflect blame still can’t figure out exactly how to do so. First, the idea was that the riot was provoked by antifa. Then it was that it was preplanned, so Trump couldn’t have incited it. Then it was that the riots weren’t really that bad or that they were even “peaceful,” despite the violence and deaths. None of those arguments is borne out by the evidence available.

    But now we’ve got a new entry in this long-running quest for a conspiracy theory that will stick: That perhaps the riot was actually the work … of the FBI?

    Fox News host Tucker Carlson wove just such a tangled, conspiratorial web Tuesday night.

    Carlson’s theory is essentially that the presence of unindicted co-conspirators in the Capitol riot indictments means those people are government agents and that this, in turn, means the FBI was involved in organizing the riot. The idea has since caught on with conspiratorially minded congressional Republicans.

    Carlson also says that the insurrection was, “by the government’s own admission in these documents, organized at least in part by government agents,” which goes quite a bit further than merely suggesting the possibility that the government had infiltrated the organizations involved. It’s the kind of suggestion journalists in other organizations would quite possibly be fired for if they sought to push it nearly as hard.

    But for Carlson, it’s just the latest segment.