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Tulsi Gabbard

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    Tulsi Gabbard is a name I had never heard before until she uttered that unspeakable word: "PEACE' and after she uttered it that Oligarchic War Machine went into overdrive and that Orwellian Corporate Mass News Media responded by attacking Tulsi Gabbard by suggesting she must be some kind of demented Communist traitor as if she was advocating a nuke attack by a foreign country on the Homeland.

    America's Military Industrial Complex owns and operates that U.S. Oligarchy in Washington D. C. and that corrupt Gobbels Mass News Media and has got the people by the throat and has been throttling the whole country to the point that blood soaked war criminal, war mongering Military Industrial Complex has made trillions in war profits for generations and made sure this country would be involved in endless wars all over the planet and would be slaughtering and maiming millions of human beings, turning these countries into rubble and creating millions of refugees and 10's of thousands of terrorist organizations.

    Tulsi Gabbard and millions of other informed Americans have come to realize how evil and corrupt these U.S. war policies are and it is time to demolish that Oligarchic War Machine so this country may become the world's peace maker instead of its death dealer but it is important to realize that these evil degenerate blood soaked war profiteers will use every means at their disposal to destroy anyone like Tulsi Gabbard who has the courage to tell these psycho/sociopathic , greedy, soulless degenerates to go to hell since that is where they belong.