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America's most notorious presidents

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    History extra, the official website for BBC History magazine published a list a while back of America's most notorious presidents:

    Nixon, Buchanan, Jackson, Harding, and Andrew Johnson all made the list. The link above provides more details on each of them. At some point in the future, though, it's an absolute guarantee that Donald Trump will be on the list, since he has ALREADY been rated as the worst president in our country's history.

    One small example of how he has profited personally from his presidency is that executives with the telecom giant T-mobile spent about $195,000 at the president’s Washington hotel after a merger with Sprint was announced last April, the company told lawmakers.

    Article VI of the Articles of Confederation spelled out the details of the emolument clause. Although it appears to be targeted at money and gifts from foreign sources, the donations by T-Mobile appear to be evidence of corruption. Having said that, though, Saudi Arabia and other foreign visitors have spent LOTS of money at the D.C. Hotel and other Trump properties, like Mar-A-Lago.

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    Yes Trump will indeed go down in history as the worst in history...worst than Nixon and all the others on the list. What has bothered me for a long time is that all his faults were well known before he was elected. My blog article from 2017,

    Donald Trump: From Bad Businessman to Worst President, said as much. I went into a long list of Trump's faults as a businessman that carried over into his presidency, but like now they just didn't seem to make any difference to the passionate base who elected him in 2016. From my blog article:

    "None of Donald Trump’s current and future “bad at business” disclosures should come as a surprise to those in the business world. They were all well known before he ran for president."

    Dutch has criticized our election process for not properly vetting candidates like Trump, and I accept that criticism. However, in Trump's case he was vetted, and everything bad about him at the time was known to the media and his political opponents. Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina, Ted Cruz and others slammed "the con artist" repeatedly on his bankruptcies, his cheating of workers, his lying, and his incompetence, and it just didn't seem to make any difference. He put away all his Republican opponents one by one and then also the formidable Hillary Clinton...grabbing a woman by the pussy seemed to endear him to the jocks and perhaps many of the women voting for him.

    What is revealing is that base of 61 million voters who voted for him has largely remained resolute. Despite all the revelations on lying, cheating, vulgarisms, potential criminal activity, none of that matters. It didn't matter before and it doesn't matter now.

    I haven't looked at the backgrounds of all the others on the "worst presidents list", but I wonder how well the vetting process worked then before the advent of the internet, Twitter, Facebook and other social media as well as foreign influence. Maybe it has less to do with Trump specifically, but also the American psyche, or at least that part of the Republican base who perhaps is genetically inclined to vote for a sociopathic authoritarian bully no matter his faults.

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    No Schmidt, the "vetting" process is totally corrupt; like right now Mueller and Nadler is actually doing the "vetting".

    Also all of this should be an message that indeed a lot of certain States don't have the "real" correct education about how an government ought to operate. The teachers are as bad as the students. Also the churches should stop meddling in elections etc. ; but Trump made sure they did. If the churches keep saying that "god" approves of this "mob-boss" and "god" did sent him; what can go wrong? So actually this country deserves what it gets; an self inflicted wound, due to the refusal to put proper laws in place for voting, lobbying, no PAC's, "background checks" for anyone wanting an high position in the government as well the proper level of education, international experience, knowing the laws of the land, as well having an"mental" test. etc.