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The 14 characteristics of fascism

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    The 14 characteristics of fascism have been cited a few times on a variety of threads, but a news article that popped up this morning is another reminder of how accurate they are. As you skim through them, you'll notice that Trump has exhibited ALL 14 OF THEM.

    Here's an article that very aptly illustrates #6:

    Trump has a notoriously thin skin, and tries to punish people who give him unfavorable, but accurate, news. Although he has criticized both the New York Times and the Washington Post, the outlet that really gets him steamed is CNN. As a result, when AT&T was considering merging with CNN's parent, Time Warner, he forced the Department of Justice to file a suit to stop the merger. A federal court threw out the suit, and the merger was ultimately completed, but the incident is clear proof of his abuse of power.

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    Yes Arizona the "cult" leader has all 14 of them. That is what you get if people here don't "vet" an President properly, neither "limit" the "power" of such person. Sorry but it is the Romanov's all over again.
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    On a related note, the Washington Post confirmed this morning that Trump has a "loyalty rating" for FOX news analysts.

    On a scale of 1-10, Hannity scores a 10. Steve Doocy, the co-host of Fox and Friends, actually gets a 12:

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    that guy in AZ Wrote:

    On a related note, the Washington Post confirmed this morning that Trump has a "loyalty rating" for FOX news analysts.

    On a scale of 1-10, Hannity scores a 10. Steve Doocy, the co-host of Fox and Friends, actually gets a 12:

    Yes that is an "cult"; loyalty is part of it ; may be they get the "iron cross" for being "loyal" on "lintjes" day. (lintjes is Dutch for "rewards" from the government)
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    Santiago Zabala of Al Jazeera published a thoughtful article this morning that explains why today's fascism is more dangerous than the fascism of the 1930's. For obvious reasons, he mentions Trump several times.

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    As I read through the 1956 Republican platform (see the discussion under "minimum wage") , it occurred to me that the Republican Party of 1956 sounds exactly the same as the Democratic Party of today.

    It also occurred to me that today's Republican Party sounds an awful lot like the Nazi Party.

    First, let's take a look at the platform of the Nazi Party in 1920:

    Here are some phrases that many of today's Republicans might agree with:

    4. Only Nationals (Volksgenossen) can be Citizens of the State. Only persons of German blood can be Nationals, regardless of religious affiliation. No Jew can therefore be a German National.

    5. Any person who is not a Citizen will be able to live in Germany only as a guest and must be subject to legislation for Aliens.

    If it is not possible to maintain the entire population of the State, then foreign nationals (non-Citizens) are to be expelled from the Reich.

    11. The abolition of all income obtained without labor or effort.

    The courses of study at all educational institutions are to be adjusted to meet the requirements of practical life.

    a) all editors and editorial employees of newspapers appearing in the German language must be German by race;

    b) non-German newspapers require express permission from the State for their publication. They may not be printed in the German language;

    c) any financial participation in a German newspaper or influence on such a paper is to be forbidden by law to non-Germans and the penalty for any breach of this law will be the closing of the newspaper in question, as well as the immediate expulsion from the Reich of the non-Germans involved.

    The Party as such stands for positive Christianity

    25. To carry out all the above we demand: the creation of a strong central authority in the Reich.

    Next, let's take a look at who Hitler's supporters were:

    The key reason to support Hitler and the Nazi regime was Hitler himself. Aided greatly by propaganda genius Goebbels, Hitler was able to present an image of himself as a superhuman, even god-like figure. (for reference, refer to the thread titled "was Trump chosen by God?".

    He wasn’t widely seen as a power-hungry racist, but someone putting Germany and ‘Germans’ first.

    Hitler had taken power in 1933 on a wave of discontent caused by the Depression, and luckily for him, the global economy began to improve in the 1930s without Hitler having to do anything except claim the credit,

    Few things boost a leader’s support than winning a war, and it gave Hitler plenty of capital to spend when the Russian war went wrong.

    Hitler had major military support because he rearmed them, expanded them, gave them the chance to fight and early victories.

    Hitler had enough support to get into power, and while there he destroyed all political or physical opposition, such as the SDP, and then instituted a new police regime with a state secret police called the Gestapo that had large camps to house limitless numbers of dissidents.

    Hitler did not win a majority to be voted into power, but he polled the second greatest result in Weimar history

    Most people had issues with the government, as ever, but were happy to overlook them and support Hitler, partly out of fear and repression, but partly because they thought their lives were okay.

    NOW do you understand Trump supporters?

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    All I can say; he has the book "Mein Kampf" on his night table; the only problem is he's too lazy to read it until the end. The end will come as it did with Hitler. He already got an Himmler, Goering, Goebbels ( Barr, Pence, Miller) as well part of the Gestapo and "camps" all set up.

    Also the Catholic church kept quietly "supportive" and Hitler was an Catholic throughout his reign.

    Yes all of this gives me the shivers.

    By the way, great research by you; compliments.

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    The Catholic church, under Pope Pius Xi, DID support fascism in both Italy and Germany.

    There is stronger evidence of this in Italy, which is documented in the book "The Pope and Mussolini", but it's also true that he could have done more about fascism in Germany, which is detailed in the book "Hitler's Pope".

    The clearest example of coordination between the Pope and Mussolini was the Lateran Treaty of 1929, which established the Vatican as an independent country. At roughly one square mile, it is also the smallest country in the world.

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    Excellent follow up. I only hope the "believers" read your "posts". But yeah on this "island" you can't educate these people anyway; they follow "blindly" our own " god" appointed leader. Amen
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    Steve Benson, former cartoonist for the Arizona Republic, has published some excellent cartoons over the years. Benson was awarded the 1993 Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartooning, was a Pulitzer finalist in 1984, 1989, 1992, and 1994, and has received a variety of other awards. He has served as president of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists. His cartoons have been collected in a number of books.[

    The one that he published this morning accurately sums up the devotion of the MAGA crowd to the FORMER president. In his latest newsletters, incidentally, he still calls himself PRESIDENT Donald Trump.

    Naturally, I had to look up the book pictured, which apparently does not exist - but is true in reality.

    S. Noci, of Democracy Guardian, published the article below early in Trump's time in office.

    This article, incidentally, was published exactly eight days before the "Unite the Right" rally.

    Here are some key points:

    Fascism is nothing new. It has occurred throughout history in many countries. There is a defining moment, a tipping point for fascist dictators for their success and that happens when a baseline adopts the beliefs that there are specific types of people and/or religions that are the enemy. This is fueled by propaganda and we have witnessed those that have no interest in seeking any “truth” by adopting the lies and charging forward to support the dictator that appeals to their hate. In Germany, they established the “Brown Shirts” to enforce their new laws and what started with the Jews, quickly spiraled out of control to include intellects, artisans and eventually everyone that disagreed with their doctrine. We are seeing this happen now in the United States, as Trump supporters are not only attacking the immigrants, but now calling out for the mass murder of anyone that is “liberal”.

    One of the core accomplishments that Hitler achieved was in convincing his followers that all of the media was “lying press or lugenpresse”, which is a term that has been shouted at some of the Trump rallies. Through the use of propaganda, Hitler told his supporters that any of the news that was reported that didn’t align with their beliefs was false. He thereby quickly made the transition so that all media eventually came under the control of his administration, something that we also see in Russia under Putin’s regime.

    Control of the media is one of the fourteen characteristics of fascism and probably one of the most important as it empowers only the message of the dictator and his administration. We are currently seeing Trump attempting the same goal as he excludes U.S. journalists from meetings with Russian representatives as well as no longer allowing cameras in the daily press briefings.

    While there have always been white supremacists, the 2016 election process opened the doors for those that hid behind their hate and disdain for anyone other than “white Christians” to openly not only state their disdain, but act upon it. In an NBC article, U.S. Hate Crimes Up 20 Percent in 2016, Fueled by Election Campaign: Report:

    “Bias crimes appeared to increase in some cities following the Nov. 8 election of President Donald Trump, a trend that has extended into this year with a wave of bomb threats and desecrations at synagogues and Jewish cemeteries, according to California researcher Brian Levin.

    (You may remember the chant, "Jews will not replace us" from the Charlottesville rally).

    Our babies are not born with hate, this is something that is taught to them and handed down from one generation to the next. Hitler knew that the key element of his success was to tap into this form of hate for others, and he established his Hitler Youth programs. We saw a demonstration of this as Trump made an attempt to emulate the same kind of hate at the Boy Scout Jamboree.

    “When Trump declared he would “kill” Obamacare, boy scouts in the audience began chanting “U-S-A.” When Trump asked the crowd if President Barack Obama had ever attended the jamboree, they booed Obama — who was a boy scout himself, as a child — while Energy Secretary Rick Perry and Price, who were standing behind Trump on stage, laughed and clapped.

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    Good story, however there is an difference between facism and using it to get "rich". Hitler never got as rich as Trump.

    Trump is using every means to get rich and uses facism as another tool to get rich as well get "power" over the dumb ass people. Since this country only thrives on money and has no culture, then that is the game, An excellent example is the 11 minutes space flight of Bezos who actually shows how the rich are just spoiled brats and just want toys to play with. This total joke did cost millions without any benefit for the people here. Such money would have been better spent on helping the poor here.