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William Barr

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    Federal appeals court Judge Merrick Garland is under consideration to serve as attorney general in the administration of President-elect Joe Biden, NPR has learned from two people closely following the process.

    Garland, 68, is the widely respected former chief judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. He launched his career at the Justice Department decades ago.

    Garland oversaw the prosecution of Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh and gained significant management experience inside the sprawling department in the 1990s.

    Some Justice Department veterans had been looking to history for a way to move ahead from the chaotic Trump era when the president has routinely attacked federal prosecutors and FBI agents. The current attorney general, Bill Barr, this year likened some of his employees to young students at a Montessori school.

    Former Justice Department officials pointed out that after Watergate, President Gerald Ford enlisted former University of Chicago President Edward Levi to be attorney general and restore public confidence in the institution. The Justice Department bestows an award for honor and integrity in his name.

    Supporters said Garland could play a similar role if he could be enticed to leave his lifetime-tenured appointment on the federal bench. Garland joins a number of other department veterans on the Biden short list for attorney general, including former U.S. Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates in the Obama administration, former civil rights chief Deval Patrick and former U.S. Attorney Doug Jones, among others.

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    Sounds good, however does Biden have the "time" to do all the things he has to do? Like "rebuilding" the whole government from the "ground up", fixing all our horrible laws and add proper laws as well restoring the whole White House. And on top of that deal with the virus and the "outside world" Wow, "you must be "superman" to be able to do that.

    I fear it all will become "bandaids" because the Trump party will "bulldoze" him.