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The Oscars

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    My wife and I watched the Oscars last night. The only nominated movies that we had seen were "A Star is Born" and BlacKKKlansman - but we'll likely see a few more in the weeks to come.

    What impressed me about the nominees was the sheer diversity of the winners.

    1 - Most people, including me, did not know that the "green book" existed between 1936 and 1966, and a lot of people were likely surprised that it won best picture. However, it casts light, once again, on the bigotry that has existed in our country for a long time - and still exists today

    2- I was delighted that Spike Lee FINALLY won an Oscar, We liked the movie to much we watched it twice. His subtle takedown of Trump was great.

    3 - Alfonso Cuaron, a Mexican, won THREE Oscars

    4- Rami Malek's parents were born in Egypt, which makes him a first generation AMerican


    In addition, "First Man" is a celebration of America's achievements - and "Vice" exemplifies the damage that corruption in government can cause.

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    None of the winning movies appear to be the kind that would appeal to the Trump Republicans. With all the diversity and hidden cultural and social meanings in movies today, they have not had much to cheer about since 2015. That's when Clint Eastwood's American Sniper played to the emotions of the hyper-patriots (the God and Guns crowd) including Sarah Palin and her ilk. The media noise at that time was about Chris Kyle, the Bible carrying sniper who claimed to have 160 sniper kills of Iraqi insurgents. It earned him the title of "the Legend".
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    The basic problem is that film producers promote movies that they think their audience wants to see, rather than the movies that they SHOULD see. American Sniper was playing in theatres at the same time as "Selma". Since "Selma" had only limited showings in many markets, its box office receipts were $52 million worldwide (on a budget of $20 million). American Sniper grossed $350 million on a budget of $58 million.

    (Interesting side note is that Bradley Cooper played a leading role in both American Sniper and A Star is Born - and he died in both movies).

    Square Bob Sponge Pants was also in theatres the same time as "Selma" (as was Hot Tub Time Machine 2) and took in $85,000,000. Its sequel a few months later took in $163,000,000.

    The original version of "Hot Tub Time Machine" took in $50,000,000, but its 2015 sequel only took in $14 million.

    You're right, though. Anything that is too thought-provoking is not going to appeal to the MAGA crows.

    Somewhat surprisingly, "Green Book" has already earned $70,000,000, so MAYBE the general public is finally starting to wise up a little. BlacKkKlansman has also brought in a respectable $49 million so far. Both movies should profit from their Oscars.