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The Robert Mueller Report

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    Yes I just saw this discussed in Nicole Wallace's program on MSNBC. The evidence is irrefutable and damning, but yet the Senate Republicans attached an appendix to the report which reads:

    Republican appendix to the report:

    "After more than three years of investigation by this Committee, we can now say with no doubt, there was no collusion."

    The Democratic members of the committee likewise attached their appendix which reads as follows:

    "The committee’s bipartisan report unambiguously shows that members of the Trump campaign cooperated with Russian efforts to get Trump elected. … Paul Manafort, while he was chairman of the Trump campaign, was secretly communicating with a Russian intelligence officer with whom he discussed campaign strategy and repeatedly shared internal campaign polling data... This is what collusion looks like."

    So much like the Mueller report, one can read it and draw conclusions, but you'll get two different interpretations of the facts. Republicans should be ashamed...

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    Yes an damming report. However if the same bunch of Republicans stay under Biden, I fear the same will happen over and over again. Because this country sticks to its "old" ways and refuses to update the "system" and "laws" to fit 2020. I even bet that Biden will not eradicate the "electoral college" as well fix other "laws" with "flaws"
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    Without a lot of fanfare, the Republicans in the Senate have confirmed the accuracy of the Mueller report over and over again. The Senate Intelligence committee just completed its FIFTH report on the topic. Heather Cox Richardson provides a more complete description, but here are the main points:

    The first volume of the committee’s report established that Russians successfully breached U.S. election systems in 2016

    The second volume explained that Russian operatives “sought to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election by harming Hillary Clinton's chances of success and supporting Donald Trump at the direction of the Kremlin.”

    The third volume examined how the U.S. government responded to the Russian attacks. The fourth reviewed and defended the methods and findings of the Intelligence Community.

    And, on August 18, the committee released the fifth volume. The committee reviewed about a million documents and interviewed more than 200 witnesses. Its 966 pages establish extensive connections between Russian operatives and Trump campaign officials in 2016.

    They established that Trump’s campaign chairman Paul Manafort worked closely during the campaign with his longtime business associate in Ukraine, Konstantin Kilimnik, whom the report identifies as a “Russian intelligence officer.”

    This means that, according to Republicans—as well as the Democrats on the committee—in 2016, Trump’s campaign manager was actively working with a Russian intelligence officer.

    Paul Manafort’s backstory matters.

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    So what does this help right now? May be nice for the history books, but won't help this country move in the right direction.

    Mueller did an lousy job and somehow was put on the wrong path by not investigating the "money trail" . Cohen on his interview with Rachel showed exactly what Trump wants and does. But yeah this country still does not wake up to reality of this con-man; he wants to be as Putin; solely in power without any restrictions and opposition.

    And still his "cult" does not get the "picture. Amazing how insecure gullible Americans are. But yeah if Trump gets re-elected then they hopefully find out, but by then it is too late.

    Anyway Rachel had an excellent interview and Cohen painted the picture as it is.

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    There's been no shortage of books written about Trump since he took office, but ANOTHER one will be released in the near future. Andrew Weissman, who was a top prosecutor on the team of Special Counsel Robert Mueller during the Justice Department’s Russia investigation, reveals his perspective on the proceedings in a new book, Where Law Ends: Inside the Mueller Investigation. Weissman reveals private pressure on the prosecutorial team thanks to the looming threat of President Donald Trump’s nearly constant belligerence.

    Weissman characterizes Trump as “like an animal, clawing at the world with no concept of right and wrong,” and he notes examples of the damaging impact, like in the case of Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort

    As The Atlantic explains, “The Special Counsel’s Office also worked under the constant threat that Trump would fire Mueller, as Richard Nixon had fired Archibald Cox, the first Watergate special prosecutor, in the Saturday Night Massacre.”


    As The Atlantic explains, Weissman also writes in his book that “that the real reason for not compelling the president to be interviewed was Mueller’s aversion to having an explosive confrontation with the White House.” Trump did eventually submit written answers to questions from Mueller’s team, but those answers do not seem to have produced much of anything substantive for the team.

    (1) " The White House was rocked overnight by an explosive report that President Trump ordered the firing of Special Counsel Robert Mueller last June and only backed down after the top White House lawyer threatened to quit."

    A source told Fox News that Trump did not tell White House Counsel Don McGahn to fire Mueller, but did discuss the possibility of doing so during a meeting with McGahn and others.

    Trump asked McGahn if he would talk to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein (who has authority over the special counsel) about it, the source said.

    McGahn, though, told the president in no uncertain terms that firing Mueller – the head of the probe into possible collusion by Trump associates with Moscow – would be a horrible idea and blow up in his face, the source said. Trump took McGahn’s advice and dropped active consideration of firing Mueller, though continued to reserve that as an option if Mueller’s Russia investigation took an inappropriate turn, Fox News is told.

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    Yes, my feeling at that time was that "something" moved Mueller to be less "defined". I absolutely do not understand that people here can be so much influenced by this "mafia' figure. It really shows how "weak" our system is.

    Therefore it is time to get rid of this "decease" called Trump. "Chickens" should never take an job as Mueller did; he should have known better and told the truth as well have investigated the "money" trail.

    Even now I'm amazed that everyone "bows" for the "bully". Indeed he's the second "Hitler". Congratulations America you have become another "dictatorship"

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    The only person that Trump is concerned about is himself, and he has zero empathy for everyone else. His attitude also puts the safety of our country in peril.

    He failed to take the steps necessary to reduce the effects of COVID19 because he did not want to hurt his chances for re-election. Nearly 250,000 people have died from the disease, but I have yet to hear any sympathy from him for those people or their families.

    He has long festered at the charge of Russian interference in the 2016 election, and his recent bizarre moves, which are dangerous for our country's security, are grounded in his refusal to admit that the Russians got him elected in 2016.

    For now, Gina Haspel and a bi-partisan group of senators will keep us safe, but we are still stuck with a very erratic leader for the next 70 days.

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    I already wrote a million times years upon years, how stupid this country is; however here they refuse to adapt to the times because of an outdated Constitution and an zillion bunch of lawyers who are there only for the "money".

    Bandaids no longer work; revamp our laws and make the Constitution reflect 2020 and include remedy's to reflect 2020 times. Forget "case laws" and revise the "outdated "system" (An two party system is asking for trouble) where an idiot out of Kentucky can rule as an dictator, and an even bigger idiot can become President to fill his pockets, because he's broke.

    Wake up America you've shown now the whole world that you are an total joke and can't sustain your fake identity forever.

    So either do something about it or be proud to join the rest of the "banana republics. Amen

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    After the recent indictment of a researcher for the Steele dossier, the Republicans have been quick to conclude that the Russia investigation was a "witch hunt".

    That's nonsense, as explained in the link below.

    The last few paragraphs provide a clear summary:

    Beyond its narrow role in facilitating the F.B.I.’s wiretap of Mr. Page, the dossier’s publication had the broader consequence of amplifying an atmosphere of suspicion about Mr. Trump.

    Still, the dossier did not create this atmosphere of suspicion. Mr. Trump’s relationship with Russia had been a topic of significant discussion dating back to the campaign, including before the first report that Russia had hacked Democrats and before Mr. Steele drafted his reports and gave some to reporters.

    Among the reasons: Mr. Trump had said flattering things about Russian President Vladimir V. Putin, kept bringing on advisers with ties to Russia, had financial ties to Russia, publicly encouraged Russia to hack Mrs. Clinton, and at his nominating convention, the party dropped a plank that called for arming Ukraine against Russian-backed rebels. In March 2017, the F.B.I. publicly acknowledged that it was investigating links between Russia and Trump campaign associates.

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    Digging up these things will not help the present situation here. Trump is out, but not in jail, so he's working hard to "obstruct" and "misinform" as well gets lots of "donations" and "support" from lots of idiots here, so what do you expect from "old issues"; they make no "dent" in what is happening right now. There are way too many "forces" who want Trump back into "power". Biden is not putting any "effort" in preventing such. The January 6th investigation is going on for just about an year and is "obstructed" with every means and likely will not be "finished" before the GOP returns to power, or will be boycotted/dragged out all the way by the GOP. Thus an "dead" duck for sure.

    The past and discussing it will be good for the history books, but won't help the Dem's right now.