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The Robert Mueller Report

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    Of course it did not change anyone's mind. It is the stupidity of the Dem's who did not pursue that Mueller should have had also the task to follow the money trail. When he started there were discussions on how far he should investigate things beyond the Russia interference. At that time they gave him the freedom to go beyond that, so what did happen? I guess Trump etc. must have threatened him over and over again. In any case the Dem's dropped the ball, by not forcing an similar investigation related to Trumps "money trail" . It is now too late; everything is now of course "blocked" and "covered up". Yes the fault is and stays, which is caused by the refusal to make proper laws here for our leaders so they can't do "power grabs". Also the "idiot" is just about ruining this whole planet, because he thinks he's "god" and can dictate the world. Therefore as you said: The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves, which means the people here are stupid and naive to let things get out of hand, without taking any real action, except "talk". Amen

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    Mike Luckovich had a good comment about Mueller's testimony on July 24:

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    If you STILL have not read the Mueller Report, Garry Trudeau can help:

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    I admit to not reading the entire report, but I read many of the meaty pages. There's a good index.

    And that's when I became one of the proponents of impeachment. I believe Mueller laid out the case for Congress to act on impeachment...not Bill Barr to obfuscate. Too bad so many of Trump's supporters cannot read or refuse to read anything that doesn't come out of Trump TV or other right wing media.

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    Schmidt, you should by now that 3/4 of this country is stupid and only looks at Fox news or sits in church; so what do you expect? In the "prairy" there is no education; if so, the teacher is of the same breed and feeds the chickens or milks the cow.

    Sorry but half this country has never been away from this "island" let alone can "think" and "analyse" for themselves.


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    The letter below appeared in the Tucson Daily Star this morning:

    "The Associated Press (AP) reviews that are published in The Star are always informative. The September 13th assessment of various claims made during the prior evening's Democratic debate implied that Kamela Harris was only partially correct when she stated that the reason the Mueller team failed to indict Trump on obstruction charges was because of the opinion issued by the Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) which advised that a sitting president couldn't be indicted. I think she's right: on page 1 of Volume 2 of the Mueller Report, the wording seems crystal clear that the OLC opinion was indeed the reason Mueller capitulated to his "boss," the Department of Justice (DOJ). It needs to be understood that not only was Mueller appointed by the DOJ as Special Counsel, the OLC is also an appointed arm of the DOJ, currently headed by Steven Engel, a political appointee. No reason to believe that these apparent conflicts of interest would in any way influence opinions or judgments - right? Right."

    So ...

    Who is Steven Engel?

    Seems to have decent credentials, but then there is this:

    On January 31, 2017, the White House announced that President Donald Trump intended to nominate Engel to serve as the Assistant Attorney General heading the Office of Legal Counsel. Engel's nomination was opposed by U.S. Senator John McCain, a former prisoner of war who was tortured while in captivity. McCain cited Engel's involvement in commenting on and reviewing one of the so-called "Torture memos" that signed off on six different "enhanced interrogation techniques". Various human rights groups expressed concerns about Engel's nomination, also citing his involvement with the July 20, 2007, memo authored by Steven G. Bradbury, then-head of the OLC. Engel was confirmed by a 51–47 vote, largely along party lines with one Democrat, Senator Joe Manchin (West Virginia), voting in favor of confirmation.

    In June 2019, Engel issued an OLC opinion supporting the Justice Department's decision not to release Donald Trump's tax returns.

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    While Trump is trying to use the Ukraine and China to attack Joe Biden, Trump's Justice Department (in the person of William Barr) recently spent some time in Rome trying to undermine the work of Robert Mueller.

    Mr. Barr and a top federal prosecutor, John H. Durham, who is reviewing the origins of the Russia investigation, sought evidence that might bolster a conspiracy theory long nurtured by President Trump: that some of America’s closest allies plotted with his “deep state” enemies in 2016 to try to prevent him from winning the presidency.

    In addition to Barr's project, Lindsey Graham (on Wednesday of this week) sent letters to Britain, Italy and Australia, and asked them to help “investigate the origins and extent of foreign influence in the 2016 election.”

    The president further stoked the flames on Friday, suggesting a broad foreign plot against him. “And just so you know — just so you know, I was investigated,” he told reporters on the South Lawn of the White House. “I was investigated. O.K.? Me. Me. I was investigated. I was investigated. And they think it could have been by U.K. They think it could have been by Australia. They think it could have been by Italy.”

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    All I can say, if this country stays on this track, then I already know the outcome of the 2020 elections.

    What are all these idiots doing in Italy anyway; visit Bannon's compound on tax payer money?

    Yes there is an Italian "crook" his name is Guiliani!