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The Robert Mueller Report

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    Of course it did not change anyone's mind. It is the stupidity of the Dem's who did not pursue that Mueller should have had also the task to follow the money trail. When he started there were discussions on how far he should investigate things beyond the Russia interference. At that time they gave him the freedom to go beyond that, so what did happen? I guess Trump etc. must have threatened him over and over again. In any case the Dem's dropped the ball, by not forcing an similar investigation related to Trumps "money trail" . It is now too late; everything is now of course "blocked" and "covered up". Yes the fault is and stays, which is caused by the refusal to make proper laws here for our leaders so they can't do "power grabs". Also the "idiot" is just about ruining this whole planet, because he thinks he's "god" and can dictate the world. Therefore as you said: The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves, which means the people here are stupid and naive to let things get out of hand, without taking any real action, except "talk". Amen

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    Mike Luckovich had a good comment about Mueller's testimony on July 24: