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    My introduction to the new DMV began with a notice from the DMV about a special drivers license that will allow one to get on a plane and if you do not get this special license by October 2020 you can not get on a plane, of course one would like to know who gave Homeland Security the power to prevent me from getting on a plane?! sounds like Fascism run amok!

    4 months from the time my drivers license expires I called the DMV for an appointment to renew my license and I ended up talking to a lot of different machines and finally a machine gives me an appointment two weeks after my license has expired.

    I finally got to talk to a DMV technician who explained to me that California has a lot of people in it and I could just walk into any DMV and I explained that without an appointment people have to wait in long lines for hours and you may not even get served and my helpful technician suggested maybe they would let me sit in a chair, he was so thoughtful and so unhelpful.

    I took 2 hours to drive to the nearest DMV and I waited in line for 2 more hours in line and while I was waiting a nice lady loaned me her chair for a while and a nice fellow in a uniform offered to stand in line for me while I waited in my car. After getting inside the DMV I was told I would need a computer code number so I had to go to a computer and get the code number and by the time I returned the number I received to be waited on guaranteed I wouldn't get served because the DMV was short of employees.

    This is not a criticism of the professional overworked, understaffed and underpaid employees of the DMV. This is a criticism of that Federal Agency Homeland Security who managed to turn all the American people into potential terrorists and to treat them like criminals costing millions to each state that is being forced to implement these nutty, insane, fascist unconstitutional rules and regulations and now I won't be able to get on a plane because my 56 year old certified document and wouldn't copy well.

    Americans should be concerned about Homeland Security using the states to collect comprehensive information on all American citizens since these activities are unconstitutional and criminal.

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    I finally obtained my "certified" record of birth from the city where I was born, it took an application process, about $20.00 and nearly a four week wait, unfortunately, the "real" Wisconsin driver's license costs $35.00, I paid $25.00 last year for a not "real" license. Frustrating to say the least, but we can blame lawmakers and the ones specifically who passed the Patriot Act, and homeland security.

    Here's my old thread on the subject

    Here's a link to a government website:

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    Arizona is one of the states that were granted a temporary exemption to the REAL ID law. It looks like my current license will be valid for flying purposes until October, 2020. Based on the horror stories listed above, I am NOT looking forward to the process of getting one.

    An article on Wikipedia provided a fairly thorough discussion of the law.

    The last item, though, REALLY got my attention:

    • Waiving laws that interfere with construction of physical barriers at the borders.

    Remember, this law was passed a year before the Secure Fence Act of 2006.

    The result of the law was that 613 miles of fencing were erected. Congress set aside $1.4 billion for the fence, but the total cost over 25 years, including maintenance, is $50 billion. If you read the notes under "impact and effects, you will notice that the law really did NOT achieve its purpose.

    Naturally, Trump wants to expand it.