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out of touch & out of mind

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    There is every indication that the Democratic Establishment (DNC) has not reformed and is still out of touch with the serious problems facing most Americans.

    Millions of Dems have become Independent because they have realized the Democratic Establishment has become a mirror image of the Republican Party and to often is representing the Robber Barons, Global Capitalism, Big Pharma, MIC, AIPAC and the NRA.

    One can only hope the Democratic Establishment (DNC) does not continue on this path of supporting war crimes, warmongers, human rights abusers and the Robber Baron agendas and during the primaries does not indulge in rigging, shenanigans, hanky-panky and skullduggery and if the Democratic Establishment had supported Bernie instead of Hillary than Bernie would have beat the pants off that lying, corrupt, criminal in the White House. The only Presidential ticket that will actually fight for the American peoples interest would be Bernie and Elizabeth Warren.

    The Democratic Establishment is filled to overflowing with professional, long term, old rich Dems who are more interested in dialing for dollars then resolving America's serious problems.

    Voters in the next election should find out what candidates are taking bribe money from the greedy, corrupt Robber Barons, the NRA and AIPAC since those will be the ones those candidates will be representing and there is no doubt that Kamala Harris is one of those candidates.

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    I was kind of hoping for Amy Klobuchar as the Democratic Party nominee. She seems to be very in touch and has a terrific mind.
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    Schmidt, looking at the total picture; then I get the same feeling back as in 2016. Look at Georgia, N. Carolina, Florida etc. , just the corruption with the votes is unbelievable. They are still finding out things. The results in FL are totally corrupt; how can an guy like Scott who pleaded the"fifth" 10 times, ruined our beaches and waterways, pocketed $220 million in the time he was governor, still get elected to the Senate.

    So my feeling is as long as this country stays stupid and corrupt, then it does not pay to make assumptions of who will "win" in the end. Especially an other Bernie "effect" may be the end of the DNC. etc. Also in the "meantime" a lot can happen related to Trump's "empire", depending on if Mueller did his job properly and Barr keeps his hands of the report etc.

    Thus making assumptions of who's the best candidate will be totally dependent on the continuing "circus" in this country