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Happy Valentine's Day!

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    This is the day that a LOT of flowers are sold around the world.

    One fact that all of us forget is that the people who actually pick the flowers are not paid very well. Kenya is Africa's largest flower exporter, as well as the 4th largest flower exporter in the entire world, but the workers that pick the flowers only earn about $100 a month

    The minimum wage for flower pickers is only $65 a month, and the problem could be solved if the government simply raised the minimum wage.

    Kenya has a GDP of $98.264 billion, making it the 65th largest economy in the world. The problem, though, is that the per capita GDP is only $1991, which means that is really little chance of getting much of increase in the minimum wage. In time, things will improve, but it will be a slow process.

    Compared to its neighbours, Kenya has well-developed social and physical infrastructure.

    As of September 2018, economic prospects were positive with above 6% GDP growth expected, largely because of expansions in telecommunications, transport, construction and a recovery in agriculture. These improvements are supported by a large pool of English-speaking professional workers. There is a high level of computer literacy, especially among the youth.

    In 2018 Kenya ranked 61st in the World Bank ease of doing business rating, up from 80th in 2017 (of 190 countries).

    There is little that any of us can do to improve conditions for the agriculture workers, except by buying flowers, so be sure that you take care of your sweetie today !

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    I still think the Dutch are the largest suppliers of flowers to the US. At least they earn the right wages and have good social security and no "bugs" in the flowers. Ha ha. Anyone wants tulips?
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    You are correct. The Netherlands is the largest exporter of flowers, followed by Columbia and Ecuador. The big difference between the Netherlands and Kenya is that the per cap GDP in the Netherlands is roughly $54,000. As a result, they can afford to pay much higher wages.

    The average salary in the Netherlands is between $25,000 and $30,000 a year.

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    Here is what my wife had for me.

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    Chet Ruminski Wrote:

    Here is what my wife had for me.

    I hope you have an good vacuum cleaner, ha ha