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An border deal?

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    that guy in AZ Wrote:


    It seems like a lot of what Trump does and says is a distraction from the myriads of scandals he is responsible for. In a lot of ways, his administration reminds me of the 1997 movie, Wag The Dog.

    That is a good movie. You're comment motivates me to watch it again.

    You can bet your house that a couple dozen biographers are currently writing Trump's story, which then will become one or more movies.

    There might be a few fictional versions as well, much like the Godfather by Mario Puzo, where all the characters and events are fiction, but all based on real life mobsters and their crimes during 1940s - 1950s. However, in Trump's fictional story he would be the central character, but the biggest, dumbest, MF to ever get elected, spending all his time and energy covering up the facts that he can't read, can't do math, and is completely clueless about everything that he has not learned on TV. In the fictional version, as young man he is rejected by the NY Mob because they consider him a complete moron that destroys everything he touches. Trump luckily survives because the NY mob would have made him disappear the 1980s if not for the fact his father had the right mob connections to keep Trump from being whacked. As Joe Pesci would say "They won't let me kill that fat fuck"

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    I watched Trump's Rose Garden speech today where he declared a national emergency. His tone and body language suggested a gun had been put to his head making him sign the budget deal. He practically was choking on his own words.

    IMHO, his first choice to was another shutdown, holding out for however long it would take to get full funding for his wall. But, whomever got to him, ie the mysterious "Deep Threat", was able to put things into terms that Trump could understand; the deal on the table was something Trump could not refuse.

    Deep Threat: "I have your tax returns for the past 20 years. I suggest you sign the deal, or The Washington Post and New York Times will have copies by morning. Which, as you know, is a Pandora's Box of scams that connects you directly to Putin"

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    One of my favorite political cartoonists is Pulitzer-Prize winning Steve Benson, who recently got fired by Gannett, the parent company of the Arizona Republic. Fortunately, his cartoons are still available on GoComics.

    Today's cartoon perfectly sums about our "national emergency":

    In 1997, a Benson cartoon used the image of a firefighter carrying a dead child to comment on the death sentence that had just been imposed on Oklahoma City bombing defendant Timothy McVeigh. Benson forcefully defended his work against some readers' contentions that the cartoon was insensitive.

    See the source image

    Benson was awarded the 1993 Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartooning, was a Pulitzer finalist in 1984, 1989, 1992, and 1994, and has received a variety of other awards. He has served as president of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists. His cartoons have been collected in a number of books.

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    Interesting that he got fired, and it would appear because he wasn't willing to pull his punches on Republican issues.

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    Possibly, but I think the main reason is the recent massive cuts in the newspaper industry

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    Getting back to the subject. ( strongly related to the "border deal")

    The more I see about all of this, the more I feel that this country indeed does not want an "proper" well working government. At least the "media" is getting rich from all the "nonsense" here. We had also turmoil in Europe, but never like this. Here it looks like a bunch of drunken infants in an mental institution. I guess not one President ever thought about cleaning up this mess because keeping it, then you always have an excuse, via an zillion lawyers or were be able to appoint "loyal" one's in the Supreme Court via all kind of tricks allowed here. The "system" here is totally corrupted over an period of 300 years and will get only worse over time. Trump as a con-man is finally an President who shows where all the convoluted loopholes are. In my view as I've stated before, if the system stays as it is, more "disasters" are going to happen, because the "system" is totally broken. Checks and Balances are out of the window; even on the "news" they say so. So the road is open for an dictatorship if we continue on this path. Trump will set the "tone"

    It is time to wake up America; the alarm bell has been ringing for years.