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The Affordable Care Act

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    If those are the "four" candidates who are left over; then I can't visualize that they will win from Trump; none have any international experience, except may be Biden a bit (he knows where the Pope lives). Let alone any sound idea about "healthcare" and its cost and how to "structure" it, without corruption. So looking at the total picture lately, as well our status in the world, I fear "chaos" will win.
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    I have always liked Amy Klobuchar and have never understood why she hasn't been polling higher. It may be that Biden had been sucking up the biggest chunk of the moderate vote and leaving little for Klobuchar and other moderates. As I see it, the moderates (Biden, Buttigieg, and Klobuchar, and perhaps Bennet) together are polling about 37 percent. Likewise Sanders and Warren together are also about 37 percent. So we have a progressive - moderate split of about 37:37 with Harris, Booker, Yang, Steyer, O'Rourke, Yang, Gabbard and Bullock filling in the bottom quarter.

    Harris was the first out the gate, but her answers to questions have always been a bit wishy-washy (not clear and crisp) and I think Iowa voters fault her for that. She might claim it is racism or that she is a woman, but I disagree. She hasn't always done her homework and appears to struggle at times for answers.

    Looking further ahead, I could see a Klobuchar - Buttigieg ticket, but would have a hard time seeing how any of the moderates would fit on a Sanders or Warren ticket. And I don't see a Warren - Sanders ticket as viable either. Sanders will always be selling his socialist revolution no matter who he is aligned with.

    Warren might have to pick a VP mate as someone totally new that believes in her agenda...a key governor perhaps. Andrew Gillum (mayor of Tallahassee) has been mentioned.

    A Biden - Klobuchar or a Biden - Buttigieg ticket might also work.

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    I read today that Biden is doing very well with those over 65. He has an incredibly low percentage of followers who are under 45. Approximately 2% is what was being reported. This is an ugly fact that must be addressed.
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    For those over 65, there must be some realization that their bodies have slowed down...well maybe more for the over 70s than the 60s voter. I am 73 and I find myself forgetting things, especially people's names. It's embarrassing to me, and I'm sure Biden's opponents will exploit that with every slip. Democrats are doing it already. You can imagine how Republicans will cast Biden's "oldness", (he will be 77 this month) not that Trump is a spring chicken either. He is 73 like me. But for his supporters nothing matters.

    I believe Joe Biden will make an excellent president if he can ever get past the primaries and the avalanche of negative insults against him in the general election. I have my doubts based on how he handled the Hunter Biden accusations. Republicans and especially Trump are ruthless in their pursuit of "making dirt" on their opponents.

    So as Biden slips in the polls, his band of moderate supporters will switch to either Buttigieg or Klobuchar. It's happened already to an extent but one really big gaff in the debates and the wave could become a rip tide. Steve Bullock also needs to hang in there.

    In addition to the over 65 voters, Biden gets a substantial part of his support from the African-American community. Where will those supporters go if Biden slips?

    Okay I'm off topic. The Affordable Care Act "public option" champions are Biden, Buttigieg and Klobuchar. I think most of the public will be with them on that issue once they better understand the big picture.

    Kamala Harris, on the other hand, seems to be all over the place...for Bernie's Medicare for all but also for private insurance. Wishy washy. That's why her poll numbers suck.

    Like the 2018 primary, health care will be the defining issue. The Affordable Care Act with a public option is a winner for the primaries, but will have a tough sell in the general election going against the lobbyists. BernieCare will be a loser.

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    Warren Care will be the biggest loser. She has no idea at all about health care in this country, let alone in other countries where it works.
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    Without an explanation of actual costs and a solid plan of who will pay and how much, it's an abyss and huge amounts of money are carelessly being reported. Many many trillions of dollars. It's something that a sound political team should be able to address.

    Yes all want health coverage. All want Filet Mignon also. Perhaps we should give real approximations of what it will cost and who will pay. Until then it's meaningless bantering.

    Get your best 5 political advisors and several financial experts with experience and get a handle on the empty promises Elizabeth. You're getting attention. Back up your ideas with a solid working plan.

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    TJ exactly my feelings; as long as they maintain the "lobbyist" system and "add's" as well doctors and hospitals who can maintain their corrupt practices, then this will remain the most expensive healthcare system in the world.

    Just as with "elections", get the "money" out of healthcare. But I guess they will never learn until every "specialist" can drive an McClaren and has an huge yacht. "Health Care" does not exist here; it is "Wealth Care" instead. But yeah, you can't earn money from an "healthy" society, so make them sick and keep them sick. Warren has no clue at all.

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    Dutch Wrote: Warren Care will be the biggest loser. She has no idea at all about health care in this country, let alone in other countries where it works.
    Exactly correct. Medicare isn't free. When these candidates say Medicare for all, that's fine, but it's still not free. There are still deductibles and copays.
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    The Arizona Republic this morning had an excellent article explaining why repealing Obamacare would cost LOST of job, and Arizona would be one of the states hit the hardest. 41,982 Arizona jobs would be lost, according to the Economic Policy Institute.

    A decade ago, there were 2.4 million more workers in retail than health care. In 2017, health care surpassed both retail and manufacturing, and has become the largest sector of the U.S. labor force, according to BLS. By 2028, there will be 3.4 million more health-care services jobs.