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I coulda s**t a brick!

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    We've all had times when we have been astonished by some event in our lives, which usually resulted in the phrase listed above. Inevitably, some scientist would come up with a way to turn our fecal material into bricks, and now it has happened.§ion=Science

    The scientist in question is an Australian man named Abbas Mohajerani, who has found a way to turn waste material into bricks that can be used in buildings.

    Although this particular topic is a departure from our usual discussions on a variety of political topics like Syria, Trump's latest dumb move, or our meddling in Venezuela etal, it is very much a topic that should matter to our politicians due to the fact that we spend a LOT of our tax dollars on the elimination of waste. In addition, once we can finally get a competent person to run the EPA, the product could make it easier to control the quality of our air.

    Incidentally, scientists have already figured out a way to turn hog slurry into asphalt and natural gas. The details can be found in the link below:

    Congress is NEVER going to give Trump the money he wants for his wall. If he REALLY wants a wall, he can just go "s**t

    a brick".

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    Arizona, it is not the "bricks", it is the "cement" which should hold it together. Thus please find out how to "cement" "shit". I tried it but the whole wall smells like shit too. May be an deterrent for the refugee's . Wonderful Copenhagen!! Try it also with chewing tobacco! May be that smells better.