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    The Washington Post this morning published an excellent article about Trump's obsession with dying industries. Here's a few highlights:

    The Trump administration is learning that, as new data show that the industries it has worked hardest to prop up — through bailouts, tariffs and other favors — continue their descent.

    Trump (incorrectly) blamed the industry’s problems on overregulation, including by the Obama administration.

    Just last week, the Energy Department announced $38 million in new federal funding for research into how to keep old coal plants online.

    A new government report finds that it’s been all for naught.

    Got that? This less-regulated industry is somehow expected to do worse than was once projected with all those supposedly industry-killing regulations.

    More coal-fired plants closed in Trump’s first two years in office than in the entirety of Obama’s first term.

    Despite Trump’s claims, the main challenge for coal is not regulation. It’s technology. Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, in particular, has made natural gas a much cheaper alternative.

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    Trump is an opportunist, and he certainly recognized that there were anxious workers in these dying industries that could be manipulated into voting for him. Just tell them a simple message that they wanted to hear. He never had any real survival plan in mind for jobs in the coal or steel industries or the obsolete rust belt factories. However, he did recognize that there were disenchanted and fearful workers and their families residing in these communities -- a prime target to be exploited for votes. Trump has no fucking empathy for these people...just their votes. He blamed China and Mexico. He blamed trade policies. He blamed environmental regulations. He blamed Democrats. And they liked what he said.

    But to keep these people in his fold he had to pull out of the Paris Accord, threaten China and Mexico, scuttle all the Obama era environmental regulations, engage in a ridiculous tariff war, and then lie about how many jobs he has brought back. Just so he could have their votes. Sick.

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    Schmidt, absolutely right. Again I blame it on the "education" in this country especially in the "mid" and "south". I guess the curriculum misses the subject " how things work in this world" as well learn to "think". Looking at Trump, I guess the only education he got was from the "mob" and the "street" . The Warton College which he attended did not help much either, nor his parents taught him facts of life. Thus if the people here elect such a person, then the "education" is lacking here, ask De Vos. (she's not much help either)