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Venezuela besieged

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    The Vulture Capitalists around the world are circling Venezuela and salivating over the potential carnage knowing the result will mean they will be able to plunder and feed off Venezuela's rich resources after these Vultures set up a compliant, vicious, murdering, greedy dictator in that country.

    This barbaric approach to the take over of legitimate elected representative governments around the world has been used time and again by that blood soaked greedy US Oligarchy for generations and everyone involved in these war crimes, human rights abuses and criminal activities in Venezuela and other countries around the world should be arrested and tried for these horrific crimes.

    The Bank of England has refused to give Venezuela their own money and any country in world that leaves its money in Britain deserves what they get which will be nothing back.

    These horrific crimes against the people of Venezuela could create a civil war in that country with the loss of 10's of thousands of human beings and the realization that the dems are supporting these criminal activities is shocking.

    The Vultures should be wary of those White Swans that have the ability to bring swift retribution to evil doers.

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    Forget the "vultures" they will wait until the "carcass" is available. The Russians sent again an "government" 777 to Caracas; they did sent already two huge military cargo planes with weapons, down there a few weeks back. I'm afraid as usual, that the US meddling will backfire. The Russians are in control as they are also now in the Middle East. Iran, Iraq and Syria are now also buddies with Putin. Yes Trump is the "smartest" President we've ever had, for sure; the "baby" has no clue about anything.
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