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    When I was a car salesman, the remark that was made on seeing an outrageously expensive car was, "man, he must have a really small penis".

    That phrase, naturally, applies to Trump, who always has to have the biggest or most expensive object falling into his view at the moment, and his silly wall is just another example of his desire to have something REALLY REALLY big.

    Believe it or not, there are actually a few people in our country who could afford to fund Trump's wall all by themselves.

    One of them is Ken Griffin, who just bought the most expensive property in America for $238 million. Obviously, it is not the only property that he owns, and the article below lists all the rest.

    Since his net worth is $9.6 billion, he would likely fall into the very top of the top 1% of the American public, and he likely save a LOT of money wen the 2017 tax bill went into effect.

    Although he is a Republican, he also seems to be a big believer in philanthropy, and (ladies) he is single again.

    In addition to his collection of houses, he also is a big art collector. In 2016, he bought one of my favorite paintings, Jackson Pollack's 1948 painting Number 17A, for $200 million.

    Number 17A.jpg