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    I'd swear that we already had a thread on this guy, but I could not find it today.

    At any rate, Michael Cohen has suddenly decided to POSTPONE his February 7 appearance before the House Oversight Committee indefinitely, citing Trump's verbal attacks on his family.

    The story reminds me of a similar experience related to a Chicago columnist named John Kass a number of years ago. The columnist had been writing a series of articles on the local mob, and one of the guys called him up one day and said, "why don't your kids play outside anymore?"

    The columnist did not back down, and told the guys to lay off.

    They did.

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    Today on Fox News, Trump made his bi-weekly call and ranted to about Cohen. During Trump's rant he suggests that FBI needs to be investigating Cohen's father-in-law.

    I have no doubt Trump knows something we don't, but the point is that Trump is throwing out people names as a distraction and\or payback. And by doing so, Trump is indirectly threatening Cohen, and everybody else who might think about getting on Trump's bad side. Got a daughter, brother, wife, or friend...? Trump's letting everyone know he might just target them as by-standers with one big whopper that F'up their lives for at least a decade. Trump: "If I can't get to you, I sure in the hell can F-over your entire family, which maybe even better. That son of yours that wants to apply to Harvard, I'll F**** that up so bad, he'll be lucky he stays out of jail for being an accused pedophile"

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    Would not be the first time trump has made veiled threats against someone, during his campaign he stated that he had some dirt on Tom Ricketts, the Chicago Cubs owner.

    Threats made against Cohen? I would believe that, trump is trying to get him to shut up.

    Trump's lawyer juliani isn't helping either, as we watched MTP last weekend. So much sleaze going around these days.

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    U.S. Code 1512 - tampering with a witness, victim or an informant applies to Cohen's sudden decision to withdraw from testimony. The most applicable part of the statute is this:

    2) Whoever uses physical force or the threat of physical force against any person, or attempts to do so, with intent to—

    (A) influence, delay, or prevent the testimony of any person in an official proceeding;

    shall be punished as provided in paragraph (3).


    the use or attempted use of physical force against any person;

    imprisonment for not more than 30 years; and


    in the case of the threat of use of physical force against any person, imprisonment for not more than 20 years.

    As I see it, Trump could be liable for as much as 30 years in prison. If I were you, I would write to your congressman as soon as you can.

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    By coincidence, the Washington Post came to the same conclusion that I did:

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    Yes, MSNBC covered the story as a headliner yesterday. There is speculation that the reason Cohen is serving three years in jail is that he refused to cooperate with the Southern District of New York prosecutors when it came to family members...perhaps his father-in-law. His lawyer said Cohen's wife cries a lot, and I would expect it has to do with the possibility her father could be investigated as well before this is all over.

    It is typical of Trump to point towards the father-in-law both as a vindictive move on his part but also witness intimidation. Does Trump know something about Cohen's father-in-law from his own illicit New York real estate dealings.? If he does, then at some point he will reveal more if Cohen testifies before Congress.

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    Subpoena issued to get his testimony. This gets more interesting every day.

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    That's good. And you know what? this:

    Cohen's lawyer will probably pull this little trick out of the bag.

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    Very interesting article.

    I suspect that Cohen will be subjected to some very tough questions, since both Diane Feinstein and Kamala Harris are on the committee, and they are well aware of the fact that he was not always truthful in his first two appearances in front of the committee.

    If the House Oversight Committee also decides to subpoena Cohen, Trump is going to squeal like a stuck pig.

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    Elijah Cummings was not swayed by the mob tactics used by Trump. He said Cohen WILL appear before his committee. His statement in the link below is worth reading.

    I'm still amazed about how one of the mob guys pictured below (2nd from the right) looks like Donald Trump Jr.

    See the source image

    and here's Donny:

    Image result for donald trump jr