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    The American Israeli Political Action Committee (AIPAC) forced the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute to recede the Human Rights Award that had been given to Angela Davis because she supports Palestine Rights and the Boycott Israeli Movement.

    While I find deporting innocent human beings despicable I would make an exception of AIPAC members since like a malignant cancer they have been infecting the U.S. Government with endless war crimes and wars and there are two reasons why these war maniacs in that U.S. Oligarchy want to stir up a war against Iran; that blood soaked Military Industrial Complex will make billions in war profits and those war criminals ruling Israeli and Saudi governments have been demanding that the blood soaked U.S. Oligarchy attack Iran.

    AIPAC has also been shredding our Constitution by getting laws passed that criminalize anyone who tries to Boycott Israel and deporting these blood soaked traitors to Israel would be a public service.