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    Since Reagan established an Oligarchy in Wash DC the U.S. Congress has been handing over their powers to the Executive Branch and the abuse of power is well documented in the endless war crimes and wars all over the planet for generations.

    One way to reestablish America's Republic is for the U.S. Congress to say NO! to the Executive Branch and to stop funding these criminal activities around the world and also that deep state.

    This Oligarchy is right now slaughtering and maiming 10's of thousands of innocent human beings in 9 countries and turning these countries into rubble.

    One must remember that Ben didn't want an Executive Branch because he knew how easy it would be for tyrants and dictators to take over the country if the U.S. Congress ended up with too many corrupt, spineless, greedy, gutless cringing representatives.

    It is interesting to not that it has taken a courageous Grandmother (Pelosi) to say NO! to that corrupt, lying, tyrannical bully living in the White House because Pelosi believes in the U.S. Constitution, the rule of law and checks and balances.

    Reagan ignored the U.S. Congress and found funds from another country to support those murdering Contra thugs and this act could be classified as treason but the rule of law was not upheld and today the Executive Branch has taken over our government.

    This government shut down is adversely effecting millions of Americans because America's tyrant wants an unnecessary, expensive wall and he must not get his way and to stop this tyrants abuses of power the U.S. Congress must take back its powers, bring back the rule of law and checks and balances and bring to justice every criminal in the U.S. Government and also destroy that criminal deep state which has turned the U.S. Government into a warmongering, corrupt, lawless, fascist Oligarchy.