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Kamala Harris announces 2020 presidential run

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    Does it really matter? I guess not. Plenty of candidates left; did not hear anything more about Bloomberg; if he jumps in then what will happen? I still don't see who can save this country; the slide downwards is still happening as we speak.

    Wake up America; do something about "laws" for an incoming President.

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    I shouldn't be piling on Kamala Harris. She is an excellent Democrat as Senator, and I believe that's where she is at her best. Similar to the Politico article last month, the New York Times now has a biting article with a similar theme:

    New York Times, November 29, 2019: How Kamala Harris’s Campaign Unraveled

    When the NYT journalists say "unraveled" they are assuming that it was once working. Perhaps in the first month she was given lots of accolades for just being Kamala, but when she went to Iowa, it quickly became apparent she had no clear message as she tried to find a place between the moderates and progressives. The NYT article uses the words, "indecisive", "unorganized", "no clear message", and "unsteady". Her own aides acknowledge that she "struggles to carry a message beyond the initial script." And more...

    Senator Harris is an excellent at her role in the Senate. That is her calling....not engaging in the petty politics of the presidential campaign. The same could perhaps be said of some of the other Senators that are aspiring to higher office.

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    Harris is a racist.
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    Breaking news. Kamala Harris has just announced she is dropping out of the presidential race. I believe this is a good wise move on her part. She is more effective as Senator Harris. Glad she took my advice. Happy
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    Good. She wasn't a likeable candidate. And not electable either.