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Donald Trump: the Case for Impeachment

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    I support a formal full blown impeachment inquiry as it gives it a higher status in issuing subpoenas but also elevates the publicity at a time when many Americans are tuned out watching "Days of our Lives", playing Fantasy Football (that's me), or following Tool. I hope most proceedings are televised and make front page news every day.

    There are many people who actually believe that Mueller has "totally exonerated" Trump, compliments of Barr. That needs to change.

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    The general consensus is that Lewandowski wasn't especially helpful the other day - until the questioning that happened during the last hour of his testimony. Interestingly, a former GOP member of Congress felt that Lewandowski gave Democrats what they needed to file articles of impeachment. Even during the first part of this testimony, he actually stated that he did not feel obligated to tell the truth to the media.

    Former Rep. David Jolly (R-FL) noted that this confession that he’s a liar came just after he announced his bid for the U.S. Senate.

    “An hour after as Eli said announcing his New Hampshire Senate bid, he announces to the world he’s a liar,” Jolly said. “He confirmed for the world today, Corey Lewandowski did, that he lies to the American people and he’s asking to be part of the United States Senate. That works in Trump’s GOP, but I think New Hampshire Republicans are smarter than that.”

    If he was still contributing to this site, p.r. would agree.

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    Lewandowski is a professional political terrorist. He's is willing to do anything\everything it takes to get the job done (excluding acts of violence). But, he won't go to jail for his clients, not even Trump. Lewandowski is not part of Trump's base; he WILL NOT take a take a bullet for Trump, but he is willing to do just about everything else because Lewandowski loves his job, he loves taking down people, even bystanders who are simply in the way. If the price is right, he'll do that for any canidate who hires his services. He'd gladly work the democrats, if they wanted his services and were willing not to ask too many questions. If a client wants a candidate to be perceived as having sex with underage girls, he can arrange for witnesses willing to testify that it happened. He'll arrange for anonymous calls to terrorize a candidate's family members by informing them they will soon vanish without a trace never to be seen again.... There is no event he can't manufacture.
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    Lewandowski has actually written 5 books:

    I stumbled on "Let Trump be Trump" at the local library. Out of curiosity, I read it, and the main conclusion that I would draw is that Trump's campaign was so inept that it is absolutely astonishing that he get elected. If you click on the picture that accompanies the book in the link above, you can read the table or contents. If you are a glutton for punishment, you can actually read the first 12 pages, as well as the complete epilogue.

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    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Sunday called on the Trump administration to promptly turn over a secret whistle-blower complaint said to relate to President Trump’s attempts to press Ukraine to investigate his leading Democratic presidential rival, warning that a refusal to do so could force the House to open a new phase in its investigation of him.

    The newest revelations about Mr. Trump’s conduct — and the administration’s refusal to share the complaint with Congress — might be enough to prompt her and other leading Democrats to drop their resistance to moving forward with official charges against the president.

    Mr. Trump, for his part, has insisted there was nothing inappropriate about his conversation with the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky. Instead, he has accused Democrats and the news media of cooking up what he calls another witch hunt intended to hurt his presidency.

    Bye, bye, Donny.

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    Unless Chairman Schiff can prove a "quid pro quo" with the whistleblower's and others' testimony iron clad, then I don't think this will go anywhere. The request has to be tied to conditional aid to the country dependent on how cooperative the Ukrainians are on digging up dirt on Biden's son. Even if there is no dirt to be found, Trump has laid the foundation for political attacks on Biden. And remember, for ruthless Trump and Republicans, they don't give a damn if it's a lie...only that his base and a few others believe the lie. "Crooked Hillary" all over again. It worked before and he'll try it again.
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    Schmidt, yes you may be right again, sorry the Dem's are an bunch of weaklings, they don't seem to find a way to fight the "mob". If the "law" is on their side they should get the "whistleblower" info; thus what is stopping it? If it is Barr or Trump, then drag them into court or go there and get the info with whatever means. Do the voters want "weaklings" in 2020? I doubt it. Isn't time to get some "solid laws" for Presidents in this country?

    Yes an "super" banana republic run by stupid assholes.

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    MSNBC reported yesterday that Nancy Pelosi has called a "members only" caucus meeting of Democrats for Tuesday afternoon. There is speculation in the media that she will officially launch the impeachment inquiry based on the polling of her caucus.

    According to the Washington Post, "Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been quietly sounding out top allies and lawmakers about whether the time has come to impeach President Trump, a major development as several moderate House Democrats resistant to impeachment suddenly endorsed the extraordinary step of trying to oust the president."

    Then there is this from the WP: Seven freshman Democrats: These allegations are a threat to all we have sworn to protect

    "Our lives have been defined by national service. We are not career politicians. We are veterans of the military and of the nation’s defense and intelligence agencies. Our service is rooted in the defense of our country on the front lines of national security." They have called the allegations against Trump "stunning" and a "flagrant disregard for the law". They are calling for an official impeachment inquiry.

    It could be the tipping point for Pelosi.

    I sure hope so. Now is the time. However, we'll see what happens (to borrow a phrase from Trump).

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    Ross Douthat, New York Times, September 24, 2019: Does Donald Trump Want to Be Impeached?

    On the other hand, as Douthat points out in his NYT article, Trump sees the impeachment process as a winner for him. Citing Ben Domenech of the Federalist, "the circus atmosphere of congressional hearings, scenes of Joe Biden talking about corruption instead of health care or the economy, and wavering House Democrats getting forced into an impeachment vote by their angry colleagues and constituents are all exactly what Trump wants."

    Douthat goes on to cite "four upsides to [Trump] on impeachment, four gifts to his presidency and perhaps his post-presidency that an impeachment and a trial might bring." You can read about them in the NYT article above.

    These four "gifts" to Trump, I'm sure will be discussed by Pelosi's caucus today, but whatever the risks, the Dems must be better prepared for the onslaught of Trump propaganda and lies. Trump and Republicans play by different rules.

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    Your last line says it all! It is time the Dem's realize that and fight like hell; just shoving "paper" does not work.
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    According to Howard Fineman, of Huffington Post, this morning:

    "Very solid #Dem House leadership source just confirmed to me that @SpeakerPelosi will announce a formal impeachment inquiry this afternoon and imply that she herself favors impeachment of @realDonaldTrump.

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    According to the Associated Press, she will make her announcement at 5 p.m. Eastern time today.

    Pelosi has spent months trying to keep an impeachment inquiry at bay, but her position became untenable this week as more members — including crucial moderates in political swing districts — swung in favor of a probe following reports that Trump pushed Ukraine's leader for help investigating Democrat Joe Biden and his son during a summer phone call.

    By focusing on just this one issue, instead of the 10 obstruction of justice issues raised by Robert Mueller, Pelosi will be able to keep the public's attention more focused - and more favorable to the Democratic position.

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    This afternoon, I got this letter from the Trump/Pence team:


    The Democrats know they have no chance of winning in 2020, so now they are crying, “Impeachment!”

    There are now over 150 House Democrats who back Impeachment. We CANNOT let these hateful and baseless attacks go on any longer.

    These Impeachment claims have nothing to do with the President - the Democrats thrive on silencing and intimidating his supporters, like YOU. They want to take YOUR VOTE away.

    We won’t stand for this any longer, and neither should YOU. Which is why President Trump is launching the Official Impeachment Defense Task Force.

    This task force will be made up of only President Trump’s most LOYAL supporters, the ones committed to fighting for him, re-electing him, and taking back the House.

    House Democrats are holding a meeting at 4 PM EDT today to discuss their Impeachment plans and the President wants us to send him a list of every Patriot who stands with him before the meeting.


    Please contribute $5 by 4:00 PM EDT to join our Official Impeachment Defense Task Force and get on the list of Patriots we send President Trump before the meeting.

    As a member of the Official Impeachment Defense Task Force, you will be a leader in defending the President against these baseless and disgusting attacks. You will be responsible for defending American Greatness.

    The future of American freedom rests on the shoulders of men and women willing to defend it from these hateful attacks, and today is a day for action.

    President Trump wants to know who stood with him when it mattered most, which is why we are sending him a list of EVERY AMERICAN PATRIOT who contributes and joins the Official Impeachment Defense Taskforce.

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    And the Dems are fighting back ....

    Data for Progress, a left-leaning think tank, is launching a project to raise money for Democrats from swing seats who support impeaching Trump . The "Impeach the Motherfucker already" fund will benefit Democrats who are in red or purple districts.§ion=politics&fbclid=IwAR16Baqh8AZeq1L3LwHCnD7Xrj6UTDimQIZVYhmJw3dJ4zOngHQXVC9FxDg

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    Here's Trump's 2:00 tweet:

    “Such an important day at the United Nations, so much work and so much success, and the Democrats purposely had to ruin and demean it with more breaking news Witch Hunt garbage. So bad for our Country!”