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Donald Trump: the Case for Impeachment

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    Arizona; I guarantee that "facts" don't matter; only the big mouth lying cheating does matter; the GOP is champion in that.

    They will overrule everything which ever way; nothing matters what Trump did; if I was the Dem's I would drag in the "murders" for which Trump is responsible.

    1) The kids at the border (5) more to come.

    2) Khashogi

    3) Epstein

    4) Deutsche Bank guy

    5) Ukrainian woman

    6) Hundreds of Kurds

    7) An Ukrainian plane 167 people plus

    8) An Iranian head of goverment

    Publications are nice but, we know by now what Trump is made of: Lies, corruption, murder, cheating, money laundering, bullying, enriching himself with taxpayer money, loves "kickbacks", cares only about himself and his mafia family.

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    To date, there have been NINE separate threads related to the impeachment of Donald Trump. I decided to add the most recent updates to Schmidt's thread of January, 2019, simply because it had the most views.

    The Washington Post published an article this morning that hinted that Trump's second impeachment trial may very well result in a conviction.

    There are 41 senators who support conviction, and 19 who are open to conviction. In addition, there are 16 more whose views are unknown. Since impeachment would require 67 votes, we are actually close to seeing a conviction..

    Since he is already out of office, what are the consequences of a conviction? There are actually a lot of them:

    “For those wondering if it’s worth impeaching him this time, it means he: 1) loses his 200k+ pension for the rest of his life, 2) loses his 1 million dollar/year travel allowance, 3) loses lifetime full secret service detail, 4) loses his ability to run in 2024,” Ben Costiloe tweeted Jan. 8

    "And, if he is successfully impeached (found GUILTY), he loses giving two aids (his kids) one million each for a yearly travel allowance, and loses his wife’s yearly travel allowance of half a million a year, and loses years of paid rent, and a furniture allowance, for a personal office, and he also cannot be buried in Arlington Cemetery. #ImpeachTrumpNow,” Lara B. Sharp wrote.

    Both posts get some repercussions of an impeachment correct. However, Costiloe fails to mention that revocation of these benefits is contingent upon the Senate convicting Trump before his term is up, and Sharp lists several benefits that are not affected by impeachment.

    Since a president has never been convicted in an impeachment trial, and since Trump was acquitted at his first impeachment trial, it will take someone smarter that me to figure out how much Trump will lose if he is convicted.

    What's a bit easier to figure out what will happen to some of Trump's enablers. At the very least, Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Paul Gosar, Andy Biggs, Lauren Boebert, and Marjorie Taylor Greene could fact censure, and possible even expulsion, from their offices, and Mike Lindell is going to quickly become a lot poorer due to the fact that a number of companies are dropping My Pillow products from their inventory.

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    It is like the Dutch say"; Serving "mustard" after the meal". I only hope due to our "lousy law system" that Trump does not get away with it. Of course the "lawyers" and GOP will enjoy themselves and get rich from it as well. Since it never happened that an President got "impeached" after leaving the government, it will be an "open" game. All I can say: Why reward an "criminal" like Trump? So Pelosi and Schumer wake up for a change and don't let this criminal get away with just about everything. What an awful stupid country; sorry the "guy" and his family don't deserve all these "goodies". Since it is "taxpayer money" then the "people" should have an say in it.
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    Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is proposing to Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to delay the start of the impeachment trial of former President Trump until February, multiple sources familiar with the plan tell CBS News. McConnell confirmed his proposal in a statement late Thursday.

    McConnell, now in the minority, does not have final say on when a trial would be. Schumer would have to agree to the proposal.

    At the moment, the Senate is also working to confirm President Joe Biden's nominees. Democratic Senator Chris Coons told CNN Thursday Democrats could be open to a slight delay in the trial if there's progress in confirming nominees.

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    Sure just "delay" and "delay" that is the tactic of McConnell. I wonder if Trump is "paying" him to do so.

    If the Dem's had an brain, then they would immediately complete this process. The point is that Trump now is benefitting from all the "goodies" such as an 200K pension, secret service coverage for the whole family as well healthcare for all of them travel allowances and lots more. He and his whole family sure deserves such after an disasterous tenure. Every day that he's not convicted he and his family gets "paid" a small fortune.

    Who cares, the "taxpayer" will cough up the dough. Please get some brains in this country. Criminals should get "jail" time, not "presents" galore.