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Donald Trump: the Case for Impeachment

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    Arizona; I guarantee that "facts" don't matter; only the big mouth lying cheating does matter; the GOP is champion in that.

    They will overrule everything which ever way; nothing matters what Trump did; if I was the Dem's I would drag in the "murders" for which Trump is responsible.

    1) The kids at the border (5) more to come.

    2) Khashogi

    3) Epstein

    4) Deutsche Bank guy

    5) Ukrainian woman

    6) Hundreds of Kurds

    7) An Ukrainian plane 167 people plus

    8) An Iranian head of goverment

    Publications are nice but, we know by now what Trump is made of: Lies, corruption, murder, cheating, money laundering, bullying, enriching himself with taxpayer money, loves "kickbacks", cares only about himself and his mafia family.