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Donald Trump: the Case for Impeachment

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    An interesting story popped up this morning on Political Tribune. It involves a discussion between a reported from Sinclair "news" and Nancy about the impeachment process. Her closing comment was this:

    “This is about the Constitution of the United States and the facts that lead to the President’s violation of his oath of office,” she added. “And as a Catholic, I resent your using the word ‘hate’ in a sentence that addresses me. I don’t hate anyone.”

    “So don’t mess with me when it comes to words like that,” Pelosi said before walking off the podium.

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    Trump is seemingly getting rattled by the impeachment process, he want's to be impeached immediately, according to MSM.

    "President Donald Trump tweeted Thursday morning to Democrats that if they are going to impeach him, they should "do it now, fast, so we can have a fair trial in the Senate."

    He knows the senate will acquit him of any wrongdoing.

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    Yes the Senate will be the "traitors"

    Dock, what you point at, is exactly the problem. Once that is over with, he will be cheered as an hero by the GOP and will be re-elected. But yeah I guess the "dumb" people who fall for this are in for an surprise; he will only then become "bolder" and an real "dictator" and will gather only more "mafia" types around him to protect him.

    It also will mean that checks and balances no longer apply and he can do whatever he wants; Barr gets his way and will protect the "dictator" all the way. The killing of Epstein, Khashoki, the Deutsche Bank guy etc. is then buried with the rest of the skeletons.

    I'm afraid that the uneducated people here are totally unaware what is going on, so they may wake up some morning and are surprised that this has become an Venezuela type country with an "dictator" for "life". Amen

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    Dutch -- I don't see us becoming a Venezuela type dictatorship, but you do make a good point about the "dumb" people who follow Trump, as well as Attorney General Barr who has made it his mission to be Trump's protectorate. While the uneducated populace might be excused for falling for the con artist, the elected Republican members of Congress have no excuse unless they are of the Louie Gohmert ilk. Quoting Gohmert: "No country has ever fallen while it was truly honoring the god of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob."

    So there you have it. The Republican Party is a theocracy. And Trump is their messiah...the "chosen one". Consider that things could be much worse if Democrats had not elected a majority in the House in 2018 and Trump still had control of the House as well as the Senate. Elections matter.

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    Schmidt, thanks. Yes elections matter, however as long as you have an "electoral college" which is based on an very old system which looked at the population per State, which has totally changed over time, then I think this country is "backwards", because they refuse to adapt to the times. That is what you get if you also refuse to adapt the Constitution to the times; case laws don't work; neither a zillion corrupt lawyers. Make the "base law" an living document, which gets updated all the time as needed ; not something which has only a few amendments over 300 years

    Sorry this country still has to learn to"adapt" to changing times. No wonder the zillion lawyers keep the "paper" industry alive. Yes if Trump wins, it will be because of the outdated worthless system here, it indeed will become Venezuela like.

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    About the"impeachment issues"; since the main element is concentrated on the Ukraine, then also the following should be researched. It seems that of the amount of $400 plus million approved to be provided to Ukraine, about $35 million is missing and has not been transferred. (The news media found out). Where is that $35 million? The Dem's should chase that urgently. It smells.
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    A story that you aren't going to read about in your local newspaper, and that you certainly won't hear on FOX is this story:

    On December 4, 2019, Melania Horcharenko, who worked at the U.S embassy in Ukraine, was found dead in her home in Maryland. She left her position in the embassy a few days after Marie Yovanovich was recalled. Horcharenko was privy to virtually every incident that was mentioned during the impeachment hearings (including the July 25 phone call). Due to her intimate knowledge of many of the events in Ukraine, she is suspected to be the whistle blower who first called the transactions there to the attention of the intelligence community in our country. Horcharenko was set to be deposed behind closed doors sometime next week due to the classified nature of her work in Ukraine.

    Think about that for a minute.

    A woman who had intimate knowledge of virtually all of the events related to the embassy in Ukraine is found dead in her home roughly a week before she was going to testify in a closed door meeting in Congress.

    Does that seem suspicious to you?

    I was able to find the story of her passing on two different "non-traditional" sources. More troubling is the fact that neither the Baltimore Sun nor the Capital Gazette had any information about her death, which also seems a little suspicious to me. Does that mean that someone in the mafia boss's administration is involved in a cover up?

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    Arizona, yes very suspicious. That is number four; Epstein, Khashoki, Deutsche Bank guy, Horcharenko etc. Is the FBI and CIA sound asleep? ( Or intimidated by Trump and Barr?) Rotten fish smell for sure!!

    How come we did not hear anything from the Dem's about the "no show" or "death"?

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    that guy in AZ Wrote:

    Go big or go home.

    The House intelligence committee just released their report about their findings. They are recommending NINE articles of impeachment.

    As of this morning, it looks there are potentially EIGHT articles of impeachment, and it appears likely that they will be file by the end of the week.

    Per Stephen on November 2, 2016: "Donald J. Trump is very superstitious. In fact, a black cat is the only pussy he won't grab."

    Since Trump is very superstitious, the ideal time to file the articles would be on Friday the 13th. For the record, fear of Friday the 13th is called paraskevidekatriaphobia.

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    Friday the 13th would have been a good time to release the article of impeachment, but it appears that at least two articles will be released TODAY. Democrats plan to announce at least two articles — abuse of power and obstruction of Congress — and are still debating a third, obstruction of justice, a senior Democratic aide told USA TODAY. The announcement will happen during a morning news conference, the aide said.

    Sadly, though, the impeachment process may actually IMPROVE Trump's re-election campaign. The December 16 issue of TIME magazine explains how.

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    Like as was said before "two articles" will not do the job. Get some black and white things which can't be denied.

    The real "ammunition" is missing; like the "murders' of Epstein, Khashoki, the Deutsche Bank guy and likely the Ukraine woman Horcharenko. Also the Saudia "deals" (kickbacks) and "wall" money (kickbacks) as well all the Kurds who lost their lives because of the "idiot". Furthermore the "money" for Puerto Rico which never got there as well the 35 million which never arrived in the Ukraine. And don't forget the 5400 kids at the border in cages or tents ripped away from their parents.

    Also there must be at least another 50 misdeeds caused by Trump.

    Indeed I've got the strong feeling that this piece of dirt may win again, because the only thing he's good at, is gathering the lowest pieces of human beings around him to cheer and protect him. What about the Senate? Are the Dem's having any tactics to battle the GOP there? I doubt it.

    I the meantime the Russians are visiting Trump today; Coincidence? What will be discussed without "witnesses" or recordings?

    Let'd be honest, the way things are done here is laughable. The end result will be "chaos".

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    I watched Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff layout the two articles of impeachment this morning -- abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. Then after listening to the discussion of the MSNBC expert panelists I'm inclined to agree that these two articles represent the best chance for moving forward expeditiously and with minimal opportunities for obstruction from Republicans in the Senate where the trial will take place.

    A really important point is that Trump and his lawyers can essentially obstruct "forever" by refusing to let witnesses testify and refusing to turn over documents. Schiff cited the example of the Don Mcghan subpoena that has taken eight months to get to just the appeals court, and would probably take another eight months to fully go through the appeals and Supreme Court and only to then find another reason to block testimony on other grounds. So by staying with the current list of witnesses who have already testified they are on firmer grounds.

    As I mentioned in other posts, Donald Trump has survived in the business world by taking advantage of the slow court processes suing or being sued and appealing until he runs out the clock. That's what he would do with this impeachment process if Schiff and Nadler were to pursue getting the testimonies of additional witnesses or documents including those like McGahn and others detailed in the obstruction charges in the Mueller report.

    Another point that was made is that the American public has largely not paid attention and generally has paid lip service to their respective tribes. And as Dutch has pointed out, many Americans are just dumb. So the articles of impeachment must be kept simple and clear for even the lowest common denominator amongst the American public to understand. The Democrats have to move the public on impeachment before they can move the Senate to convict, and they cannot do that with something that seems overly complicated to the public with a historical short attention span.

    Of course, it's all about the messaging, and it's easier to construct messaging around the two articles than broadening the scope and making it harder to understand, which gives Republicans opportunities to obfuscate. We'll have to see where Fox News goes with this. Some at Fox may be getting tired of Trump's antics using this news network to push his propaganda.

    I think the process is in capable hands. We'll see where it leads.

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    Just two? What ever happened to obstruction of justice? Bribery? Extortion? Election meddling? Like Dutch said in so many words, that's all?

    BTW, Trump is willing to testify in the senate. The good 'ol boys club.

    Swamp to cesspool.

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    I saw Barr and Trump on how they handled the FBI report; that says enough; they will act with the "impeachment" exactly the same way.

    They want to undermine the FBI and Congress so they will forever get away with their own corruption and misdeeds including arranged murders. The people here don't want to understand that Trump and his cronies are only interested that they freely can rip off tax payer money for their own benefit. Trump is having an "rally" in PA (Hershey) today; that works, because he does not give a shit about the "impeachment" and will certainly scream and yell about the awful Dem's; how do they dare, since the economy which he(?) "created" and the "job's" numbers are great, so who cares about his corruption and misdeeds?

    Wake up America; you will be an dictatorship before you realize it.

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    Please read what I wrote above; that is the real truth. If you call the FBI "scum" then that matches exactly what I wrote.

    Wake up people these people are till their necks in the cookie jar and want the freedom to rip off this country as much as they can; the FBI stands in the way of their "plans" so they try to get rid of them etc. Yes it is like Hitler did.