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let's talk turkey

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    Turkey has been an ally of the United States for a lot or years. The country was a chart member of the United Nations in 1945, and they joined NATO in 1952. When Russian demanded bases in Turkey in 1947, we passed the Truman Doctrine in 1947, which guaranteed the security of Turkey and Greece. The missiles that were part of the increased military support resulting from the doctrine were still there in 1963, which gave JFK a bargaining chip during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

    The decline in our relationship with the Turks started in 2003, when Turkey refused to let us use Incirlik air base during Bush's ill-advised invasion of Iraq. Today, 82% of the Turkish people have "no confidence" in the current "leadership" in the United States.

    In the past few weeks, there have been increased tensions regarding our troop presence in Syria, particularly since John Bolton and Trump are sending conflicting messages. We are now considered to be a "highly unreliable partner".

    Turkey is currently ruled by president Erdogan since 2013, and he has been increasingly authoritarian in recent years. As a result, he ha recently become more friendly with ANOTHER authoritarian leader, president Nicolas Maduro of Valenzuela.

    Last year, Maduro switched the refining and certifying of Venezuelan gold from Switzerland to Turkey over concerns that further sanctions could be imposed. Venezuela recently turned to gold in a bid to shore up its depleted foreign currency reserves as the economy implodes and international sanctions restrict the government’s ability to raise foreign currency.

    Turkey has become the largest importer of non-monetary gold from Venezuela, receiving $900 million in gold in the first nine months of 2018. and talks started recently about Turkish investment in Venezuela's beleaguered oil industry, which controls the world’s largest proven reserves.

    At the current price of gold, ($1294 per ounce) $900 million is equal to 43,470 pounds, which is a LOT of gold.

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    The USA has a desire to have a footprint or a foothold in virtually every place in the world, and gradually the people in those areas of the world are becoming more and more tired of the USA's overbearing ways. Should we be at all surprised?