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    ABC Jonathan Karl on this week with George Stephanopoulos sounded like trump scared the shit out of him when Trump kept asking him what he would do about the shutdown. Karl was saying the Mueller Report was going to be anticlimactic.
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    Since I don't watch television, I was not familiar with Johnathon Karl, but I disagree with his opinion that Mueller's report is going to be anti-climatic. I'm of the opinion that it's going to be like a nuclear bomb going off.

    See the source image

    Yesterday's edition of The Hill, which referred to Karl's opinion, also gave hints why the report will be anything but anti-climatic:

    "Senator Mazie Hirono of Hawaii said she can't trust Trump"

    "Trump shares article blasting federal workers, calling for long shutdown"

    "Dem rep" : Trump pulling us from NATO grounds for impeachment or the 25th amendment"

    "The memo: Trump's troubles pile up .."

    "Could Nancy Pelosi be the next president of the United States?"

    "Trump admin estimates shutdown will cost twice as much as originally thought"

    "Dems zero in on Trump and Russia"

    "Delta Air Lines expected to take $25 million hit this month due to shutdown"

    "air traffic controller union official says that if shutdown continues, there won't be any workers left"

    Even if Mueller's report totally exonerates Trump (which is highly unlikely) the stories above highlight the fact that a lot of people think Trump's presidency is an absolute disaster, and he is going to get pressure to resign from numerous sources.

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    Yes Arizona, you've got it completely right. However this "hard head" will do everything to stay in place because it is an"goldmine" for him. Also since he never accepts the word "no" he certainly will refuse to resign. Also the "picture" you showed may become reality if the "baby" pushes the "button" as an diversion tactic. He already threatened Iran with an invasion.

    I hope the people in this country and especially the GOP realize how dangerous this guy is and "do" something about it; like making sure Barr is not confirmed, because he's just like Kavanaugh stating that the "baby" is above the law.