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    Trump flies today to the "border" for an "photo op" . Does not one person here in this country stops such? It is an total waste of taxpayer money for nothing. The Congress should immediately have stopped such and should "dictate" by law that such expenditure is not allowed by no one in the government.

    I get the idea that the US only has a zillion lawyers, but no sensible laws or common sense. Such wasted money could have been used to help the people who don't get a paycheck as well the poor. He has already wasted over 500 million of taxpayer money for himself. Wake up America, you are taken to the cleaners by the "mob".

    Shaking my old head; is this country nuts?

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    He loves spending tax payer's money on himself. If he could, he would be personally shoveling unmarked bills out the back door of the white house, truck loads at a time.