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Rosenstein leaving?

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    On the news it was said that Rosenstein is leaving per February this year. Wow. I guess Whitaker and Trump must have used lots of pressure to get this done. Mueller hopefully has taken measures to protect his investigation.

    My only hope is that the Dem's take measures and curtail Whitaker now!

    Yes, some smaller rodents are leaving the Titanic, but the big rats are to busy to protect their own asses and and fighting about the loot and therefore forget to leave the sinking ship.

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    From the Washington Post:

    "Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein has told people close to him that he expects to depart the Justice Department if a new attorney general is confirmed, though there are no concrete plans in place or a timeline for him to do so, according to people familiar with the matter."

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    It's the senate who will be confirming or denying to confirm, and democrats do not have a majority in the senate, just the house. Besides all that, Rosenstein isn't exactly a trump loyalist. Trump has probably considered firing Rosenstein several times.
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    On the news they said now that he will stay until after Mueller has presented his report. But yeah, trump may kick him out sooner as he did with Mattis. The biggest problem I see if there is still no appointment for Sessions job, who is going to guide the "paperwork" if Mueller drops it in "who's" lap? The danger exists if it comes in the wrong hands (like the GOP or President), and are able to "edit" it or destroy it, forget then the "impeachment" process.
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    Whatever the Mueller report looks like, the various House oversight committees can subpoena the report and have them read in public hearings. The report(s)cannot be destroyed by the Attorney General...only blocked from disclosure. And that AG will put his career on the line if it can be shown his actions were also "obstruction of justice". I don't think either Whitaker or Barr would want to have their careers ended with obstruction of justice charges.

    Not only that, some of the more serious allegations on Trump's financial dealings will come out of the New York Southern District. Trump cannot control that bunch of attorneys.

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    Rosenstein was the author of the now infamous memo Trump used as his justification to fire James Comey. He's no knight in shining armor.

    My guess is that he now feels safe in knowing that it's damn near impossible to stop the train that is Robert Mueller, especially now that Democrats control the House and can subpoena the DOJ if Donald refuses to release the report, and if that doesn't work then they can simply subpoena Robert Mueller himself and have him testify publicly.

    I'm not shedding any tears over Rosenstein's departure. Sure, he was an adult in the room full of preschoolers, but he's no liberal hero that needs to be worshiped.