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Candidate Warren.

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    First comment.

    She needs to tone it down. First candidate Warren appearance I heard her making some kind of Howard Dean scream of excitement.

    Second, she needs to focus on the people that didn't have discretionary money to see extra cash from Trump's tax cut.

    Trump has about a solid 40 percent. Democratics need to appeal to people that need help.

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    I wrote about that in another thread. The problem is, if you are the first to "run" then likely you are also the first out. The main reason is, if you are part of an whole group who run, then you don't get all the attention and you may survive. So she should have waited and first see what the weak points are of the others and then determine her "plan" of action and then "run". So she soon will be confronted with the same as "runners" in sport; if you start fast you may end slow and exhausted..
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    Agree. Very few people can set the tone of an event like Trump. My guess is he will attack her unmercilessly.

    She can capitalize by acknowledging his attacks as frustration for not getting anything done. She can express appreciation for his goals and pledge to carry them out. Like his promise for health care for everybody, veteran care , infrastructure, good paying jobs ....... almost his entire campaign program. Pointing out that his Republican house and Senate wouldn't help him and the solution is a Democratic President. Not only is he falling short on good paying jobs, he is freezing and eliminating wage increases. His tax cut is getting paid for by federal employees. She can say he laid out the plans for a Great America and now she will finish the job. If she treats Trump like a condescending LBJ would have she can become a contender.

    If she attacks Trump she will be the first fatality.