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    25 states have passed laws that allow contractors to refuse anyone employment it they refuse to sign a contract that states they will not boycott Israel and since these laws are all unconstitutional the question is; Why do legislators pass unconstitutional laws?"

    For 3 generations Israel has been running America's foreign war policies and now it is destroying our constitutional rights and now that Oligarchy in Washington DC is trying to pass such a rotten, criminal law. U.S. Senator Schumer is the main promoter of this unconstitutional criminal act and I believe Schumer should be deported to Israel since he is already a stooge of Israel's war criminal government and its interference in America's affairs and his loyalty lies there and not to the American people.

    Those blithering idiots in that US Oligarchy getting hysterical over Russian interference in our government, which no one in that loony bin has proven, don't say a word about the two nations who are interfering the most in America's affairs and that is Israel and the Saudis and those two blood soaked war criminal government can go to hell where they belong.

    There are two reasons why those war maniacs in that US Oligarchy want to stir up a war with Iran: that blood soaked US Industrial Military Complex will make billions in war profits and those war criminals ruling Israeli and Saudi governments are demanding that the US attack Iran and since America is ruled by a crazy loon the odds of that happening are very high since the US Congress refuses to check these war mongering maniacs.

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    Yes Connie, it is all about the money, for them! Ask Trump and his cronies; that is what you get in an lawless corrupt society, who refuses to adapt proper laws, so by maintaining such weak structure, then you get an "con-man" as President, who only cares about himself. But yeah, this has been going on since WWII and no one wants to make this an "honest" country, ask the "zillion lawyers" here.