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MSNBC is surging

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    Erik Wemple of the Washington Post has some kind words to say about MSNBC's choice of programming and in particular their evening star, Rachel Maddow. Their late afternoon line-up of Chris Matthews and Chris Hayes is followed by a strong evening line-up of Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O'Donnell, and Brian Williams to finish off the evening. The daytime reporting has Hallie Jackson, Stephanie Ruhle, Ali Velshi , Craig Melvin, Katy Tur and not mentioned, Chuck Todd and Ari Melber, the latter mostly focusing on the legal aspects of the Mueller investigation.

    Other than Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O'Donnell, I don't make a point of watching the others, but our TV is on during the day, and I often catch their content, even if for a short time. It is always informed and factual. I enjoy watching Katy Tur and her reaction to some of the Trump shenanigans, particular migrant children. Velshi and Ruhle focus more on the economic picture. Overall I like the professionalism of the programming. I don't watch as much of CNN and seldom tune to Fox News as I just cannot stand to listen to their Trumpian dribble.

    Anyway, that's my opinion...certainly more fair and balanced than Fox News.

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    I too like MSNBC, but if I want to watch, it's got to be on the web, as I have over the air TV. When I could afford satellite and cable TV, I'd be tuned into CNN most of the day, and watch Matthews and the others in the evenings, very informative, engaging, and entertaining. Okay, I'm biased, I only watch news and opinions with the liberal slant.

    If a conservative or GOP supporter had to watch liberal news, their brains would probably melt from hate. If they have brains.

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    I'm sure the executives at Fox "News" are apoplectic after MSNBC overtook them in ratings late last week. It's nice to know that actual journalism is being taken seriously again.

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    I mostly watch MSNBC, but they do just as much spinning as Fox News. When it comes to Trump I am not sure why the feel the need to over-state Trump's lying. Trump is already over the top, so why spin it so that a fact check makes MSNBC look like they are left wing version of Fox News.