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alone in the White House

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    Alone in the White House

    On Christmas Day

    His wife and son

    Have gone far away


    His generals have quit

    Causing him great alarm

    But when they are gone

    He can’t do them more harm


    The country is shut down

    But he’s not concerned

    He still wants his wall

    Even if others get burned


    His friends have all left him

    But he had only a few

    I think I’ve lost count

    But he was down to about two


    The walls around him

    Are crashing down

    He was never a good leader

    But only a clown


    Mr. Mueller will be calling

    Before Groundhog Day

    His case looks solid

    To Donald’s dismay


    Mike and mother

    Will soon be gone too

    And Nancy and Chuck

    Will lead the new crew


    When they put him in handcuffs

    And lead him away

    It’ll be a Merry Christmas for all

    And a very good day

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    Good poem. Trump was home alone playing the victim again, but then Melania and Barron returned to give comfort to his soul. Maybe she was worried what he would be up to unsupervised by aides.