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A Happy X-Mas and hopefully better New Year

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    All you guys/gals, I like to wish all of you an Happy X-Mas and New year; I'll drink to that. My New years wish is hopefully "stability" and an "honest" reality driven government. My biggest hope is that all the "crooks" end up in jail, especially the whole Trump family. Of course I hope the Dem's achieve their goal to make this country "acceptable" for the world again. Forget the slogan "America first" ; replace it by "America cares" . But yeah, it is only a wish.

    I'm glad we have still this site, to voice our opinions, as well we have an great bunch who do care about this country!

    All the best, Rob

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    I agree. Best holiday wishes to all. Hopefully we get much better going forward. Accountability and justice are what I will hope for.
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    Yes, it's a good message. Sometimes like an alcoholic or drug addict, we have to hit a sort of bottom before we can start looking up again. The Trump presidency has demonstrated to many of us that we cannot take our government for granted, that we need to educate ourselves, and we need to vote. I like the "America Cares".

    Still it will be a rough road for the next two years...but maybe also an awakening.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year to all on this website who care. We may have our differences of opinions, but I know we all care.