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Philosophical Riddle: Who becomes the most powerful in total Darkness?

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    If you are in a room full of people and suddenly the power goes out so the room is completely dark. No light what so ever. No candles, no flashlights, etc. Suddenly one person among many becomes the most powerful person in the room in total darkness. This person has no special technology or tools, s0 what makes this one person suddenly far more powerful than everyone else?

    The answer is helpful in understanding DT and why he is that person the becomes more powerful in total darkness.

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    A dark room, no light at all? IDK man, I can see fondling and groping ahead. A trump specialty.
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    The answer is: A blind man.

    In the dark, a blind man becomes the most powerful person in the room. He is not confused or fearful. He can, if he wants, pick the pockets every everyone there.

    Metaphorically speaking, Trump has been blind all his adult life, thus he feels most comfortable in total darkness. Think of darkness as a state of mind. In realistic terms, trump creates chaos and dysfunction; he is turning out the lights so others are left fumbling around in the dark. He wants others to panic, so they become vulnerable and make poor decisions that are to his advantage. In chaos and dysfunction (aka darkness) Trump thrives and feels very powerful, while putting others at a disadvantage. In the darkness of chaos and dysfunction, Trump has the upper hand because he has 50+ years of experience of working in darkness, while most people have very little.

    This is not a conscious strategy, per se, Trump is simply doing what works for him as a blind man who is also an unethical corrupt con man. He is just using his blindness to his advantage, and to the disadvantage of others, for his personal gain.