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How many of you troll 4Chan/8Chan?

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    I try to visit these sites once a day to post things that I know will piss them off.

    Or I find a completely insane post/conspiracy and add to/amplify it.

    Or I point out how hypocritical or contradictory some of their ideas are.

    The QAnon threads are entertaining.

    Also, there's a pod cast hosted by Jared Holt of Right Wing Watch...called Sh!tpost...which is very entertaining. Basically he just reports on all the Fascist hijinks online and he interviews journalists who track rightwingers.

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    I admit I had never heard of 4Chan or 8Chan, but I checked Wikipedia to learn more.

    Wikipedia: 4Chan

    Wikipedia: 8Chan

    In doing a quick look, neither site interests me, and I doubt any of the members on this website would be interested. We are a serious political website discussing the political issues of the day with a liberal slant although conservatives are also welcome if they have informed comments.