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Pelosi's Trump challenge

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    For years Trump has been bad mouthing, attacking, insulting and making fun of Pelosi and Pelosi has always been an honored member of his drop dead list so one can only be totally amazed by Trump's trittering love letters to Pelosi, of course, as Speaker of the House Pelosi could prove to be a royal pain in the ass to Trump but as a brilliant politician she won't be antagonizing those in power, however, one should be wary of being made a fool of during Trump's demeaning, absurd and useless publicity stunts.

    Pelosi has been promoting the idea that Trump and his corrupt Republican Robber Baron Stooges would be willing to engage in bipartisan negotiations to solve the serious problems facing the American people. One must admire Pelosi's optimism but have grave doubts about her grasp on the reality that Trump and those Republican Robber Baron Stooges worship the god of Greed and they don't give a damn about America or her people but one can only hope that there are still Republicans in the US Congress who do care about America's values, principles, ideals and her people that they will begin doing what they are being paid to do and that is resolving America's serious problems.