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War powers act

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    The US Senate for the first time on Dec 13th used the War Powers Act to try and stop funding the 4 year old war crimes going on in Yemen.

    Unfortunately, the Republicans in the House have refused to stop funding these war crimes.

    The reason war criminal charges have not been brought against past administrations and the present administration who have been involved in war crimes and also members of the U.S. Congress who vote to fund these war crimes is because America is no longer a Republic ruled by laws but instead a war criminal, warmongering, corrupt, lawless, Oligarchy ruled by that blood soaked military industrial complex, AIPAC and the Saudis.

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    Indeed certain members of the GOP, to name a few, are actual "criminals" such as Ryan, McConnell, Hatch, Grassley and others.

    They should be removed and punished; what is done in Yemen is an "war crime" which they support.

    What is wrong with this country which allows such people to be in power and stay in power.