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Comey Interview: Comey thinks impeaching Trump is a bad idea

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    Comey says let Trump face re-election in 2020, where the American voters can reject him.

    Comey's rational is that impeaching trump, or forcing him to resign, would leave the country divided. Many republicans would blame Democrats saying the Trump was politically framed for crimes he did not commit. Basically Trump would become a Republican hero who became a victim unjust political persecution of a perceived corrupt FBI and Justice department; a role reversal, those who are corrupt are perceived as being heroes, and those who law abiding are perceived as being corrupt. Lying is what good people do; being honest is what evil do to attack good people.

    While I like Comey's polical rational, and it might be the politically smart move to have trump's fate decided during a National election in 2020, its also a huge risk that Trump will do massive amount of damage to the Country and the lives of millions of innocent people over the course of the next 2 years. The sooner he is gone the better.

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    Yes I agree with your thoughts. Indeed it would be less turmoil if you let voters decide; however most of the voters in this country are not "educated enough, or indoctrinated, or corrupted to make the correct voting decision. As long as the Miller's, McConnell's, Orin Hatch, and other assholes stay, then this country will be in chaos at least for another 2 years.

    So, in my view as you said, the sooner this guy and his cronies is removed the better. However because of the "stupid" system we have, then people can twist and turn and "talk" forever and nothing happens. All the laws here are "weak" and most of them are not enforced for the rich and powerful except for the "little" man. So my bet is that it indeed may take until the elections in 2020 before real things happen , unless Trump make an huge obvious "blunder".

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    For the most part, Congress does need to wait until Robert Mueller finishes his investigation. However, from what we are learning in the Cohen, Manafort and Flynn court sentencing disclosures, much of the what has been investigated has been redacted...pages and pages of redactons, so we don't really know. Some lawyers are suggesting that the investigations could last another year as more revelations and illegal activity are uncovered leading to even more investigations.

    At some point however, Mueller will have to start wrapping things up. Trump meanwhile continues to spew out his "NO COLLUSION" tweets while Mueller remains silent. That keeps Trump's base intact.

    If it drags into 2020, then it interferes with the November 2020 election. Dems will likely then let the people decide in the election rather than try impeach during a period of active campaigning. Remember it takes 67 votes in the Senate to remove Trump from office and that would require 20 Republicans to vote with the Democrats. Not very likely in the current political atmosphere which will be worse in 2020.

    One possible outcome is that if Trump loses the primary or the general election, we will issue blanket pardons to all concerned and then resign letting Pence to do the final pardon of "The Don". But that pardon would not insulate Trump and his cronies from New York state mandated charges and possible jail time.

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    Yes you see it correctly; thus in other words we will continue with this circus, until the circus clown falls of the trapeze, or not.