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2nd Amendment

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    2nd Amendment

    I absolutely know how to get gun control started and pushed quickly forward.
    Mass arming of citizens, all non-white citizens that is.
    The 2nd amendment expressly allows for citizens to be able to fight tyranny, oppressive government or rule.
    Who is being oppressed as a constant? All the people of color, US citizens of the wrong hue.
    If you're a 2nd amendment supporter then support those oppressed by an oppressive government. Give those oppressed guns so they can "fight the good fight".
    The non-supporters, get as many guns into the hands of the non-white Humans living under the "Stars and Stripes" oppression. They absolutely need them.
    Your head will spin due to the speed of the immediate Constitutional change.

    Good luck out there

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    I guess that you never read the "second amendment"; how it is interpreted by the "zillion" lawyers is only to please the NRA and its followers. It clearly says that only "militia" of THOSE Times (1800's) could have these weapons to defend themselves. Thus NOT our present civilians who kill people at random day in day out!
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    Believe it or not, this tactic has been used before, and it was EXTREMELY successful.

    In the 1960's, it was legal to carry weapons openly on the streets of California.

    After the assassination of Malcolm X in 1965, and after police in San Francisco shot an unarmed black man named Matthew Johnson (gee, that sounds familiar), two students at Merritt College in Oakland (Huey Newton and Bobby Seale) formed an organization in October of 1966 known as the Black Panthers to monitor police activity in Oakland and other cities to curb police harassment in black communities. Dressed in black jackets and black berets, and armed with guns, they patrolled communities to PEACEFULLY advise residents of their rights.

    Not surprisingly, their activities alarmed the white guys running the state in Sacramento.

    In 1967, a congressman named Don Mulford introduced a bill that outlawed the open carrying of weapons in April of 1967. Naturally, the Black Panthers were not happy, so they loaded their guns into the trunks of their cars (it was illegal to carry them INSIDE the cars) and drove to the state capital. Once there, they marched into the building carrying their guns.

    This produced the following reaction from the legislators:

    See the source image

    The third reading of the bill happened on July 26, and was signed into law by Governor Ronald Reagan on July 28, 1967.

    Today, California has the strictest gun laws in the nation.

    There are STILL people today who think that guns should be EVERYWHERE, since only a "good guy with a gun" can stop a "bad guy with a gun".

    Archie Bunker pointed out how silly that argument is a LONG time ago:

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    The only solution to gun violence and gun deaths is unwarranted search, seizure and confiscation of guns. Any other proposal is ludicrous. I don't support gun confiscation and irradication.