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Trade with China

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    It seems everyone is relieved that there is now an 90 day pause in the China trade war. Mnuchin said this morning that Trump did a great job and will lead the negotiations from now on. ( Success assured Thumbs Down)

    The "real truth" was not said; another lie is that Trump said that the trade deficit will be a lot less with China; I don't believe so. China can produce goods much cheaper than any US produced item, so why buy any expensive US made product?

    The only way is to make the US product in China itself, depending if they want such product. Not forgetting that China has an different culture and taste. Certainly they are not as wasteful as Americans. The only thing positive is that they likely keep importing soy beans etc. as long as the "price" is acceptable. They already started to expand home grown products including soybeans which they also can get cheaper from other countries. Trump forgets that the increased wages as well inflation here will not make our products more attractive in the world. Don't forget due to our British system of measurements/weights/ volume/ dimensions, we have an disadvantage related to our products in the rest of the world.

    So I wonder what this country will cook up in the 90 days to make it worse or better.

    Wake up America, you are not alone in this world, like Trump is saying "America first" (sick!)

    Yes this remains an "banana republic island"

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    Trump has the traditional right wing philosophy of cutting costs to produce cheaper products. He undeniably contradicts himself by promising higher wages and cheaper products